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Can i change my user-name?

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Does anyone know if it's possible to change my user name?
and how?
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I know you can change it, but you lose your post count. You can log out and sign up again with a new name. We have 4 user names here as Hubby, my boys, and myself are all members.
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I think you're stuck with it unless Anne approves it. I know in past it has happened, but only because the user name was really close to the persons actual name.

What would you want it to be if you could change it? Just curious...
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Rats! I was hoping i could change it to: Yzma...
I didn't have much time to think about a name when i signed up as i signed up in fairly desperate circumstances.... *sigh....
oh well.... i guess i can rack up 600 posts again....
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Well i was hoping to change it to:
like from the emperor's new groove

ai.... yai..... yai.....
well if you see a new user named YZMA
you'll know who it is...

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Only the board owner/admin can change it so that you dont lose your post count or reg. date but from my experience only in dire circumstances. Otherwise everyone would want to change their name.
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I like my user name! It reflects my personality
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I guess so....
well maybe i'll just register again.
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You can change it, but you will lose your post count and some people might not know who you are, who know you now from previous posts...I guess if I were you I would leave it. But if it means alot to you, then go ahead and change you can catch up on post counts.
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i guess i'll leave it for now...

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Just a thought...if you use the Spam threads you can probably get your count up again pretty quick.
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true.... but wouldn't that be a little sneeeekeeee?
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If you look on our FAQ page you will see that this question is addressed there:

How can I change the information in my profile? [edit your profile]
It is your responsibility to keep the information in your profile up-to-date. You should especially ensure that your email address is kept current. You can alter any of the fields in your profile, except your username. Once you have registered your username, it becomes yours for life. In extreme circumstances, you may request that the administrator change your username, but she will require a very good reason to do so.

Edit your profile here.
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This is funny! I logged on this morning, and saw that some new person names Yzma had posted all over, and seemed to be "overly" familiar with everyone. Wishing people good luck, giving people advice. I was thinking, wow, that new person thinks she knows us!!! How friendly!!!! I wonder if she's going to stay around!!!!

Now I see the answer to the mystery. And of course, because you are on the other side of the world from me, your posts all show up together when a lot of us are sleeping!

Good thing I read this thread too.
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haha I did the same as Sammie5

Pleased to meet you YZMA. Is Suraya your first name?
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Wow.. this tripped me out too.
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Wellintoncats... Yessss. Suraya is my first name.... second name louisa... last name putra
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Suraya, How did ya get you post count up to where it was? Were you spamming again?
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No... i spammed a bit, but i was just posting actually. And then i got my posts back when they let me have my old username changed to Yzma.... so my posts came back....
Cool ay?
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That was awfully nice of them!
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