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I love house hunting and seeing what other people have. I bought my house last October, and for a while there it was a major obsession to see what everyone else had
Here is a picture of my house.
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Wow! Your house is huge! Whereabouts in Min. do you live? My Mom was from I believe Northern Min. We used to spend at least a month every year visiting relative there.
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houses here are quite expensive too. Anything below $200,000 will need a lot of work.

What is a 2.75 bathroom???
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Thanks Nora Its a cool old farmhouse. I love it! I got a great deal on it because the family living there was going through a divorce and they just wanted out. Nice for me, sad for them. I live in a small town west of Minneapolis, also very close to St. Cloud. Where in Northern MN did you used to visit? I love the state and plan to stay in my house for a good 10+ years at least, but I just hate the winters!

I have a ton more pictures of the house actually, http://www.PictureTrail.com/gid1060316 this is actually pictures taken right before the closing so it doesnt have my things in there, but its cool because it shows you the 'befores' on all the projects Ive done since. http://www.PictureTrail.com/gid1439027 This link has some more recent pictures, but I havent updated the website in months so its all behind quite a bit. Check it out if youre interested
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My Mom grew up on a dairy farm in Milaca, MN and her best friend lives still in Princeton. I am very familiar with St. Cloud. It is a very nice area. The rest of my family lives in Minneapolis.
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No kidding! 1/2 my daughters family lives in Milaca. Know the Eggens? Im sure your mom has heard of them. Hard to miss the millions of them up there When I was with my daughters dad we had plans of moving either to Zimmerman or Princeton since I felt Milaca was just too far out. So did you ever live there or just visit the area?
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I have never lived there. I would spend about a month of my summer vacation on my Uncle George's farm (George Olsen). My Mom's last name was Nystedt and I know quite a few of her family still live there.
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Those dont ring a bell to me, but if your mom remembers any Eggens, let me know
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