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That's the exact reason why we lost 2 factories (both were owned by the same person!). Thankfully, a new factory is moving in this fall. That will help some.
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Wow that is a great house I don't blame you for wanting it
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I just checked out my friend Amy's work website. She works for a realtor in a near by smaller town.

Check out this house. I can't believe they only want $55,000 for it!
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I wish I had so much money to take care of all of ya's problems!!! Sorry though

Yeah job market pretty much sucks for everybody, but imagine how it would be in a third world country with no job, no finances, no way of living except prostitution Not to make this thread depressing. My husband and I are working on this orphange program back in his country Bangladesh and I swear, just reading the backgrounds on these children just really made me cry and feel bad that I complain about the way I live. These are children, whose moms have been abandoned by their husbands, which is really really bad because there is no job market for the women but prostitution or little stuff like selling flowers on the corners of the street and still that would hardly get a meal for her or her children. The money we spend in eating a lunch here, is enough to pay for their whole month! By the time you convert the money to their money, it could pay for their meals for a month. It really makes me sad when I see these things in third world countries. Anyway....
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How sad!
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Originally posted by Shell
I just checked out my friend Amy's work website. She works for a realtor in a near by smaller town.

Check out this house. I can't believe they only want $55,000 for it!
*stabs myself in the eye with a hot spork
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What the hell is a Spork?
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LOL!!!!!! Those things you get at Taco Bell

It's a fork! No, its a spoon.. NO ITS A FORK! ITS A SPORK!! LOL!

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The house is nice Shell! And so cheap! Well, for here anyway. Talk about high rent, my boyfriend and I paid $1765/month for two years in San Francisco for a 2 bed, and now since we moved to Monterey a few months ago we really lucked out and are paying just $1250 which we think is great. But even though jobs pay more here, it still isn't enough to even contemplate buying real estate in this damn state. We constantly have to talk about where to move in a few years so that we can buy a house.

Of course it's all relative though. . .
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Wow, I did not realize California was so bad..My house cost a lot more than the first one, and its smaller(lol)
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OMG!!! Big Kat...what you pay in rent each month, I barely make in a month!!!! (I don't come anywhere close to making in a month what you paid for your first apartment!) I guess I am really glad I live in Iowa...the pay may suck, but the cost of living is so much cheaper!!!!

Here is a pic of my house...
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One more...you might be able to see the fireplace on the right side...it's kind of dark...
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That's a beautiful house Debby.
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That house is so beautiful! I love looking at houses from other parts of the U.S. I hate the way the houses look here in Arizona, I don't like the adobe style with the flat roofs.
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This thread is great. Next to CA, I think Massachusetts is probably the most expensive real estate wise. I just saw on the local news the other night that the average home here is 349,000. It seems high, but we make a lot more money too. So in the end its all relevant I guess.

Debby, your house is so cute. I love the style. When we bought our home I was so nervous. It seemed like such a huge investment. But w/ mortgage rates so low, we were able to keep our payments affordable, and get a 15 yr instead of a 30, so it'll be paid off pretty soon! YAY!

Shell, and all you other renters, don't lose hope! Someday you will all be homeowners, I am sure of it!
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Thanks Daniella!

Debby, your house is so pretty! I just love the style of it!
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Houses around here go for around $100,000. The 'fixer-uppers' for less. I'm renting a Heritage Home right now that I hope to buy someday- but goodness knows it will cost me a fortune. Apparently there are a lot of restricitons on what I can do to the outside, since its Heritage- I can't change the style too much, paint it weird colors, etc. Thats fine by me, I love it the way it is
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Debby, can we all move in with you?!

Thanks for the 'spork' picture Sicy!!! LOL!! That brightened up my morning!
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It's beautiful! I don't ever look at houses because I can just want houses driving down the darned street. I want a house soooo bad, but they're so damned expensive out here (yesterday they reported that the average house price in San Diego was $800,000!!!!!).

I LOVE Craftsman style houses (Green&Green bungalows here in CA), but there's no way in Hell I'll ever be able to afford one.
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Debby I love your house!

I can't wait to have a house someday. . . sigh
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Wow! Of all the houses on the links I really like the first one the best, your house 'look-alike' is gorgeous Shell- Debby your house is very pretty

This house kinda looks like ours, it's $170,000.

Mum's looking at buying this house.

This is a backyard view of our neighbours house!
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Walk down 5 minutes from my place and this is the view!
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Simply gorgeous, Sam!! I have to say that I LOVE living by the water. Its so nice to get up in the morning, stretch, and look out my bedroom window to see ocean

I'm in the middle of yet another renovation in this house- ripping up and replacing another floor. We've decided to move the living room we have now into the dining room, which is a bigger room with lots of windows and french doors.I hated the old rug that was in there, so we opted for a new one.

I just love this house- I'm going to beg my landlord to sell it to us
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Thanks Melissa! . I love water as well!

It's so calming .. and some times since the beach is so close, I'll just take a dog or two down and just listen to the waves lapping at the sand...... heart warming!!!!

Good Luck with the house melissa!
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Thanks :rainbow:

My kids and I LIVE at the beach in the summer- I'm within 10 mins of 4 different white sand beaches. The water by my house doesn't really have a beach per se- its just water meets land.

The realtors around here have a field day- they go by the rule that if you can see water from the house, its oceanfront property. And of course, that jacks the price up by several thousand dollars. Since this is a coastal town that means a LOT of oceanfront property...

Maybe I should go into real estate....

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- Wow! Cool Melissa do you have a Holiday Home?
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No, no holiday home yet I just meant that we pack up and leave for the beach at 11 am, come home for Dinner and go back for a walk after that- so its like living there
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Oh Ok- Even Better.. Sounds like fun and sounds like you are a good mommy!!!!
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I bought a two bedroom, 1 bath bungalow in 1997 for $42,000.00 - I got a good deal because the previous owners built their dream home and could not afford two mortgages. It is in a wonderful, tree lined neighborhood.I was happy to have a home of my own because I have spent a lot of money in rent throughout the years.

However, owning a house is a lot of responsibility and there are a lot of things that can go wrong, not to mention updating. The inside of my house had been remodeled and the electrical had been updated, along with the pipes. It had a new furnace, carpeting and tile in the kitchen and bath (I hate the tile in the kitchen - it is white and I am cleaning it every day). The outside, however, is battle ship gray stucco which I do not care for. My brother-in-law is putting vynal (sp) siding on in August. It will be pale yellow with white trim.

The first year I bought my home there was a lightening stike during a storm that took down one of my trees, which landed in the neighbors yard and ripped my electricity from the side of my house, roots of trees had to be rooted out of my sewer drain and I had to replace my hot water heater. I happen to have a brother-in-law who is a builder and I don't know what I would have done without him. If you don't have someone like that in your life, you better have a healthy savings account.
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That's it I am moving - both Houses are great and at such a good price!!! Shell I know you probably think I am nuts but you should see the prices of anything in my area. Houses are in the 3-400,000 range for anything decent, anything cheaper would need a lot of work.
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