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Two flies in two days

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Zoey caught two flies in two days in the house and ate both of them

Please tell me flies cant give her diseases or anything..
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She should be fine, Thomasina used to snatch flies and mosquitos out of the air too. We used to say she needed fresh blood in her diet, she was quite a nasty cat.
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Can't get any disease that I know of and it sure beats a fly swatter!
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LOL I know, I cant help but get so excited when she does this It's like GOOOOD KITTY!!!!!

I hate bugs
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Snowball keeps our house bug-free. If we catch him eating a bug, we say he's adding a little protein to his diet.
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Most of our cats unfortunately don't realize that when they are done playing with the bugs, they can eat them. They play and play and play and the poor bug is laying there at death's door but still alive. It's up to me to put the poor thing out of its misery.

Lilith and Pan are the huntresses of the house. They're the only 2 I've ever seen kill and eat bugs.
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Zoey bats it until its half dead then she eats it
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my boys eat them also, they never have got sick, i hate bugs also, so i dont mind if they get a fly.
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Sicy, just hope you never have roaches. I've woken several times to find roach bits left in the middle of the living room. Once or twice I've approached Ivo's kill with a shoe, ready to dispatch it only to find wings and legs
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omg I'm so glad we dont have roaches!!!!!!
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we don't have any of those, but we do have a few beetles.
bobbie loves em...
and lizards she's constantly bringing them in from the corridor outside and trying to teach me to hunt...
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Hey Sicy Can I borrow Zoey to help Oscar and Sammycat catch some flies?? Every time I go outside one of those pesky bugs comes in the house. The boys can't seem to catch them fast enough
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LOL sure.. "Zoey!! Go get blondiecat's flies!! Goooood boo boo "

She literally sees it, and catches it, and eats it, all within one minute.
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I have to say this is way too funny...While I was on the board, Ivo jumped off my bed and started going nuts...She was chasing a roach (not a little nasty black roach, but one of the big 'palmetto' roaches which come up through my pipes). Between the two of us, we got it cornered by my stereo, but I finally had to kill it (Ivo was having way to much fun chasing it through my living room and bedroom). Let's just say it got a burial at sea, by way of the toilet...
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omg!! LOL
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