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What should I do?

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I have a problem: There is a feral cat that lives outside my apartment building. He is fed by the superintendant of the building, and seems relatively healthy apart from his mouth. I think he has a recurring tooth problem-an infection or abcess or something. The right side of his mouth swells up every few weeks and looks pretty sore.

He is not at all "tame"- he rubs against the super's wife, who puts the food down, but will not let anyone else get near him.

I don't know if there is any way to get him to a vet. I'm worried that his mouth may get to a point sometime where he won't be able to eat. I've noticed that the swelling goes away for several days or even weeks, and then reappears.

I live in Canada-our vets don't do house visits or anything, and the SPCA won't come to pick up an animal. I don't think this cat should be moved-he seems quite content, and he has regular meals. In fact, he gets a bigger variety of foods than my own cats do!

I wonder if it would be more traumatic to the cat to go to the vet somewhere than it would be to leave him with the swollen mouth.

Is there any way I can get this cat's mouth looked at?

Any advice would be appreciated!
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That's a tough one beetle..

Can you ask your regular vet for advice? Do you know of any association that deals with ferals in Canada?
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If there are any feral rescues in your area, they are usually happy to give you a humane trap to use. Just to get him looked at. Swelling is usually not a good sign. This would be a good idea to get him to a vet. Another good reason besides the swelling would be to get the cat altered, if not already done. Then he may be able to live a happy life where he is and not contribute to the overpopulation problem. Maybe if he trusts the one person enough, she could get him into a large carrier just for the one day. I hope it all works out!!
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Hi Beetle,

Here are some links to lists of Canadian cat rescue organizations.






I know Canada is a huge country, but maybe you can find somewhere near that can help you with the cat.

Let us know how it's going.
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I would try to trap cat if possible, if it doesnt know you it wont let you put in carrier. You can get trap from shelter usually small fee or deposit and you get that back when you return it. Cat needs medication attention it could be abcess tooth or infection or even tumor. Its got to be painful. Put some tuna in trap lay newspaper lightly inside,drip tuna juice and usuall you can get them in it> I bought a trap for times like this.
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