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Royal Canin Promo!

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I wennt to pick up Fluffy'd cat food and when you buy a 7 pound bag you get a cat encyclopedia. I've got volume 1 annd there is 4 volumes. Volume 2 will be released in the fall.
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Where do you buy this brand? I have never seen it before just the Iams, Science Diet and those brands are the only brands around here.
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I know Petco carries it. I'm not sure about PetSmart.
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Cathi they sponsor this forum- see their banner? Click on it and it will take you to their website and a list of dealers.
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Is it a premium food? My kitty is very sensitive to food.
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My local Petsmart just started carrying Royal Canin foods. I bought some of the sensitive stomach kind for a couple I have here with digestive problems and they love it. Im gonna switch my others over to it I think too in the adult formula and the kitten formula. Its kind of pricey but the ones I have on it now like it pretty well.
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I use Royal Canin all the time. I use the Persian Feline Nutrition. I haven't seen the promo yet!
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I don't mean to be nosy, but how much does that food cost? I haven't ever seen it, but their site says that Petsmart & PetCo in Lincoln have it. I thought about switching to a better food once I move out on my own. Just curious about prices...
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I paid 9.99 for the small bag, 3.5 pounds. The larger bag was a better buy I think it was 13.99 or so for double the amount, but I wasnt sure how my guys would like it or if their stomach would either so I just got the small one first.
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It runs about $9.99 to $12.00 for a three and a half pound bag. If you save the barcodes they will send you free food. You get 15 points per pound of food. Once you reach 1350 points and you get a 15 pound bag! You have to be a member of Crown Partners to get the free food though.
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I bought my cat food at Bosley's Pet Mart. In Canada its 25.00 for a 7 pound bag. Also once you buy 10 bags you get a bag free. My pet store keeps track of it.
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Wow the closest place to me that sells this is in Florida. Oh well give me an excuse to go shopping in another town
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