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Newbie here !

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Hi all. Have been lurking about for awhile, and finally decided
to join in the fun here. I am the proud meowmy of five Himilayan
kitties, no kids, so the kitties are my .children . Will post pics
of them when I get my camera back to working order.
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Welcome to the site! Oh, I just love Himmys! Such a beautiful breed.

Jump right in anywhere! As I'm sure you've seen, we're pretty friendly around here.
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Thanks for the welcome ! I have one seal point, two torties, one flame and one blue point in my "cat collection". And I do have to agree, they are beautiful (and ROTTEN!).But, then again, I could be just a little prejudiced!
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:flash: Welcome to the Cat Site! :flash: I would love to see photos of your furbabies!!!
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I raise Persians and would love to see your squishie faces!
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welcome on board!
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Welcome to TCS KittensKrazy.... Pull up a chair and stay awhile!!
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Pictures...we want pictures of the purrbabies Oh yeah Welcome from the land of the non-lurkersGlad you finally came in.
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Welcome! Glad you finally decided to stop lurking and to start posting!

I breed & Show Persians and have done Himmy's (What we call colorpoints).

Look forward to seeing pictures, Flamepoints really steal my .
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welcome to the board!!
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Welcome! What flavor are your himmies? I have 3 Persian's now and their pictures are in my signature. Peaches is my resident beauty queen and Miss Henrietta and Miss Hissy we just adopted a week ago today! I have children but they are grown so my kitties are saving me from empty nest syndrome!
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Babycakes and Rurnt are torties,
Rusty is a seal point
Heifer-cat is a blue point
Yum-Yum is a flame point. She is also a GIRL, the folks at CFA told me that flames only come in males, but she is three years old, and there are only two colors on her furry little body, so to me, she's a flame point !
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Well I can't wait to see pictures! Got some?
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