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Do You Dream About Your Cats?

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Do your cats ever show up in your dreams, or in your nightmares?

My worst nightmares over the past year have been about the cats somehow getting outside and I can't round them all up, or some sort of disaster befalling the house (flood, fire, etc) and I can't find them all to get them to safety. I've had bad dreams about individual cats, as well, some of which were so bad and so real I had to get up and find that cat to make sure he or she was ok and it was all a dream! (I wonder, does this happen to parents about their children?)

The cats often show up in happier dreams, too. Max in particular shows up in my dreams about once a week. What is interesting about that is her preferred sleeping position in on my hip, so she's right there with me. I wonder if there is a subconscious realization on my part that she is so near that makes me add her to the dream, or if she is somehow influencing the dream herself subconsciously. Wonder if she dreams about me too?
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sometimes i have dreams and nightmares about cats but I don't think I do about my cats. It's kinda weird. I day dream about them all day though
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In some of my dreams it's just like a regular day and I'm getting up doing whatever and they are there, like I'm sure I wasn't dreaming when I cleaned the entire house today but somehow after getting up off the couch the house was a reck again...????HUMMMMM
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Wow...I have the same sort of nightmares about not being able to round everyone up in case of a disaster too! I have to make sure they're all OK when I get up.

But, on the lighter side, when I actually did have an apartment fire a few years ago, all the cats just came right to me and went easily into their carriers; as though they knew I needed their cooperation in the emergency.

I'll also sometimes dream of a cat I grew up with that died several years ago, as if she's still here through some sort of miracle even though she would be about 26 years old now. It's disconcerting...when I get up I'll go look for her for a minute before I realize she's gone. She used to sleep on my pillow wrapped around my head, purring, while I dreamt of motorcycles and other engine noises.
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I've been having nightmares about a fire and not being able to get Zoey out
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ALL THE TIME! I've had some really horrible nightmares and then I have exciting dreams where they're just a part of the cast and then there's the really nice ones where we're all together and just one big happy family.
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I have dreamed about my kitties kittens and what they will look like before they are born.

I used to have dreams about a porchful of cats and kittens. I would walk out onto the porch and all these cats and kittens would be staring at me as if they expected something from me. After a few minutes I would realize they all have a third eye in the middle of their forehead! That is when I wake up! Weird!
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Occasionally I dream about my cats who have crossed the bridge.

Even though I never know it is a dream, I sometimes realise, they should be dead and I am just glad they found a way to drop by and say hello.
In other dreams it feels quite natural to see them, but even then I feel it is important to spend quality time with them.
Then when I wake up, I feel quite happy.
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I dream all the time about Otis and Willow, usually about them getting lost or them being in trouble and I can see them but can't get to them. I hate it and wake up anxious and have to pet them right away.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I've been having nightmares about a fire and not being able to get Zoey out
Oh my, that's a very bad one.
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I also have nightmares about something happening to my babies. I have awakened screaming more than a few times. Right after Leo went to the Bridge, I had a dream that he was playing with Webb, another red tabby boy I had that sneaked out and got hit by a car.
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When I have nightmare about my cats it is always about them getting out of the house.
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