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window blind troubles

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Any ideas for stopping my cats from breaking my window blinds? They push them aside at the edges to look out of the window at night, eventually breaking out sections and making peepholes. I keep the blinds open during the day to reduce this, but obviously want to keep them closed at night. I really don't want to switch to curtains...
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I switched to shades. They're more resilient, and quieter when kitties need to look out the window. I don't know how many times Midnight woke me out of a sound sleep because he was creeping through the blinds (he didn't seem to realize he could go around or under them, he had to climb through them.)
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Thanks for the reply...do you mind if I ask what kind of shades? My husband is less than thrilled about all the household changes we're having to make to accomodate indoor cats, and if I can find some attractive window shades to present as an idea it should go over a little better, hopefully.
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We have vertical blinds in our house and the cats can get in the windows and see out and it doesnt damage the blinds. I think they are perfect for cat owners, we have the vinyl kind and they dont get hair stuck to them and they will just wipe off, we have had them for about 6 years now and they have never damaged them at all.
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Great suggestions, my kitties are a pain about trashing my blinds.
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Vertical blinds, to be sure!

We have a number of different window treatments, but the vertical blinds in the bedroom are far and away the most successful -- best if you get ones that have the weights sewn in at the bottom, and without links. Ours are not vinyl, and I think I would think again about that next time, as they do collect hair .
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