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Kitten Eating Litter

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Is there anyway I can keep my 5 week old kitten from eating the litter? I currently have him going on wee wee pads b/c the second he goes into the litterbox he chows down on the litter. It's really delaying potty training.

Any suggestions?


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You can change your litter to something less obtrusive if it is swallowed, like shweat scoop or one of the more Green Products litter. It could also be a defiency in your kitten and a vet could tell you whether it was just play or a health concern.
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My parents have a yellow lab that can't be let loose near the cats litter box because she acts like a kid in a candy store eating all the bombs. It really has no bearing on this conversation but it was gross/funny so I thought I'd share.
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Add a little pumpkin to the kittens food to keep the litter from stopping him up.
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We've found that Swheat is great for kittens.....

Although, regular clay litter is a great choice also...

Ummmmmm, ya gotta keep a really close on them and if you catch them eating it, scoop it out.
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the best way is to change litter.
I use wooden for my little kittens and ater change it. And use Fresh Step.
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I put him on Sweat Scoop and he now enjoys a daily meal of this litter. I have tried stopping him but he enjoys eating litter. At least I know that he wont be seriously damaged b/c of his bad habits.

What can I say...he's an odd little boy!
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Have you had him checked for Pica?

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Kittens at that age try to eat just about anything you put in front of them. The only diffrence is that they spend a bit of time in the litterbox to try and figure out what to do. Usually Pica occurs in older cats, this is just something that kittens sometimes do...
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World's Best Cat Liter is 100% safe if ingested as it is made from corn and is all natural.
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Have you tried the wood pellets for litter? I do that so they don't eat the clay litter and get sick.
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