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Is your cat psychic?

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Or do you have a psychic connection with your cat?
I used to play a game where I called Willow in my head to see if she would come to where I was. Somtimes it worked sometimes not.
What about you? Any cats that should be on an episode of Charmed?:bat :bat
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Neo, sebastian, nimby, and stormy do for sure. Not really sure about the others Isadora actually had the strongest conection but she passed away
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Midnight always knows when I need him and comes to me. Max seems to be developing that talent, as well. The others don't seem to have it.

One thing I find verrry interesting is that, frequently I will dream about a particular cat and wake to find him or her either sleeping pressed up against me or perched on me.
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Toes is the reason I'm still alive and that's because whenever I became suicidal (I had a real rough 2 years where I was so depressed I was suicidal) he would keep close guard over me. He seemed to know exactly how well I was doing or how poorly I was doing and he'd adjust his own schedule to keep watch over me.

Tailer I don't have that much of a connection with, but my Mom says that Toes seems to know when it's me on the phone before it rings.
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I am actually working on communicating mentally with Zoey. I had a session with an animal communicator and I have a book on it too.

One day I was laying on my bed and I told Zoey that I really wanted her to come sit up by my chest and cuddle. She doesnt really like cuddling but a few min later she came up and layed across my chest and curled in by my arm. I was like
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Wow. Both spooky stories. I believe that they are really tuned in and aware of vibe like things.
TTMom, I hope things are going better for you now and that Toes is still looking after you.
Sicycat, what book is it you have?. It sounds very interesting.
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Nothing yet but Fluffy is still very young. At night time though he watches over my dd. He's defnitely a special cat
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Weeelllllll...I don't know about psychic but they sure are psycho
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Originally posted by blondiecat
Weeelllllll...I don't know about psychic but they sure are psycho
Ditto!! Especially when the moon is full—All four of mine become Psycho!
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I know what you mean, as we speak Otis is by the shower in the bathroom with the kitchen knife
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Originally posted by merlot
I know what you mean, as we speak Otis is by the shower in the bathroom with the kitchen knife
Eeeeeek! Your house wouldn't happen to located on the top of a hill? ROTFL!!
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I don't know if she's psychic, but Ophelia is definitely empathic. She knows when we're down or sick and stays very close to either of us, and snuggles us as much as she can.

I definitely have a connection with Trent, but I just figured he's my soulmate kitty. There's been many times when I've told him something and he does it. Right after we moved, for about a month he decided to sleep elsewhere at night. I told him that I really missed him sleeping with me, and from that night on he has been with me every night. Stuff like that has happened a number of times with him - I'll tell him something and he makes sure he does it. Such a sweet boy, I just love him so much it's overwhelming sometimes.
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Sometimes when I would have to work on a Saturday, and my late husband was home, he wouldn't see the cats the entire day. Then suddenly, they would come out, and 3 minutes later I would be home. He couldn't believe it. We figured 3 minutes would be about a mile from home. He said it happened every time I was gone.
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Originally posted by merlot
Sicycat, what book is it you have?. It sounds very interesting.
It's called "Communicating with Animals" I got it off for $3
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I have that sort of connection with bobbie...
but it's funny she seems to be doing most of the communicating...
There have been many occassions when i've been lying in bed and all of a sudden i have this feeling she's outside the door... and lo and behold there she is!

other times i feel two little holes being bored into the side of my head, that's usually when she wants a tummy rub and i'm not looking her way...

But yes. I totally believe animals are more open to the whole silent communication thing.
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Especially when the moon is full—All four of mine become Psycho!

you guys are SO lucky your cats are only psycho when the moon is full!
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You changed your avatar! LOL too funny.
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merlot, I'm much better now. We found meds that worked and I got out of the hellish relationship I was in and found the perfect man (even though he ticks me off a lot ). But my cats were a big part of my recovery.

Oh--as for the coming home bit? My cats, even when I was a kid, used to come out just before I came home. My Mom said it was really weird.
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I'm glad to hear it's going better for you.
I think that cats sometimes attach themselves to certain people over others and look out for them and protect them.
Cats rock!
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I've read that cats have a sense when their people are coming home. My cats are usually waiting at the top of the stairs when I get in.
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As I've posted before, I never come at the same time, two days in a row. Rowdy is always in the front window, regardless.

I used to have an empathetic cat, Peanut. He always knew when I had a migranine and would lightly jump onto the bad and snuggle against my shoulder. Purring is the only sound that doesn't hurt, when I have one of those killer skull-busters.

After my hysterectomy, he seemed to know not to lie on my stomach, for several weeks. In fact, he stayed off of me until the doctor pronounced me all healed up.
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I have tried communicating with mine mentally before. They pretendecd not to listen.

I have also talked to them to let them know that someone they didn't like would be coming to my house (my boyfriend's son). The lady on the pet psychic show emphasizes warning pets about changes that could upset them. I swear they were much calmer when warned beforehand.

Has anyone had the experience depicted in this poem? This is taken from "Grandmothers Attic Treasures and Scrapbook of Memories" by Phila Hack. The poem is by Alice Allen.

A Little Gray Ghost

Sometimes in summer twilights
When the colors of sunset lie
Warm on my quiet garden,
A little gray ghost steals by.
And vanishes into the shadows,
Where catnip grows fragrant and tall.
I call, but the breeze is my answer,
As it whispers the leaves--that is all.
And often in winter twilights,
With the snow and the wind outside,
A little gray ghost slips quickly
Through a door that swings open wide.
And where the firelight's warmest,
Close to the edge of my gown,
With its own little word of welcome,
A little gray ghost lies down.
Almost I catch the rhythm
Of a drowsy contented purr.
And my fingers thrill as they used to
At the touch of responsive fur.
Oh little cat-friend whose presence
Was long of my life a part,
Be sure I shall always treasure
You little gray ghost in my heart.
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