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How do your cats respond to catnip?

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We just tried our first dose of catnip here. Id given them a few cat treats, Kookamunga catnip treats, chicken flavored. No reactions really, but they do like them.
So then brilliant me decided to spray most of their scratching toys and the bed I bought so they would use them more. Well, I used this spray stuff Whisker City catnip mist and they just went nuts! They really loved it and I was surprised at how they reacted, they went a little spastic. I feel bad because my daughter was near Abby and didnt listen when I told her to get away and she got a little scratch on her hand At least I think it was, she says the cat bit her but I dont think so. Anyway we washed it off and now all 3 of them are napping.

I guess I didnt think they would react that way, so hyper and almost mean... like all their nice inhibitions towards my daughter and I were turned off. I didnt care for it, so I think I will be skipping this stuff from now on. Are most cats like that with catnip?

Lastly, there isnt much else I can do about her scratch, right? It didnt seem to break the skin but turned reddish and looks raised. Know what I mean? We washed it with soapy water and I'll keep an eye on it. I just hope she learned her lesson and will listen next time! (my daughter I mean)
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Catnip seems to lower cats' inhibitions and bring out their wild side. Valerian, another herb that cats react to, brings out even stronger reactions. Midnight, who is the most laid back, zen-like cat I've ever known, has bitten and scratched when under the influence.

One thing's for sure, they love it! Roll, roll, roll, roll...sniff..sneeze..roll, roll, roll...
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mine eat, roll in it, love it! They never really get mean though. They just get all funny!
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Catnip just makes mine mellow. Total stoner kitties! Usually they roll and munch and snort it (not really snort it, but I think Trent tries and then sneezes the little pile of catnip everywhere!) Then they go to sleep.

Perhaps you could try real catnip and just give them a little bit? The spray may have been so concentrated that they had a bad trip.
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My cats all get very goofy with catnip. I love to watch them roll in it and eat it, then run around like crazy. Unfortunately, I can't give it to them because one of our cats does something I have never heard of from anyone else....he goes into a joyful frenzy and then runs around and sprays the house with great glee and abandon!

Just keep an eye on the scratch. Bites are something to be concerned about, but scratches rarely cause problems or become infected (in my experience). But, just to be on the safe side, you will want to make sure it stays clean, keeping an eye for signs of inflammation.
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I don't use catnip much, but I just bought a large jar of it and should sprinkle it on our cat tree and new toys.
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Willow never used to take it under her notice until a few weeks ago. She doesn't eat it but rubs it all over her face and then runs about the room. VVV funny.
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I have a variety of experience with cats and catnip. They're individuals!! And I gather that not all cats react to catnip -- apparently there is a recessive gene involved -- as one source put it "no gene, no joy". This also seems to be born out by my experience.

In fact, at one point we had three cats with quite different responses: Shasta, the eldest, then in her teens, would rub around her scratching post, if we put it on there, and have a little reserved rub and roll, then wander away; Gryphon, six years her junior, would make a fool of himself sniffing and biting and rolling in it, then flaking out; Nibs, same age as Gryph, would take the obligatory sniff, then wander around, looking at the two of them as if they came from Mars. Occasionally, he'd sit down to ponder the whole thing with his (very active) tail flapping in Gryph's face, and get it killed by his stoned brother.

Since these three, we've seen variations on these themes, and currently, we see Cindy going bananas, Fawn, having a sociable sniff and then buzzing off to more important affairs, and Suzy having the polite little tipple.

That reminds me: it's about time they had some 'nip!
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Mine get nutty when I give it them. They chase each other around and become rambuncious. Its fun to watch.
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I have catnip growing wild all over my property and I pluck off a fresh branch, break off the leaves and drop them on the floor for them. Some eat the leaves, some mash their cheeks on them, some roll around on it, and some sniff it, watch the other cats, get confused on why they are all excited and walk away.

Some of the cats will start playing like wildcats for about 1/2 hour then sleep like the dead. Some will find a cozy chair immediately and fall asleep. None have ever gotten violent with me.
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ya... our cats are all a bit weird on cat nip...
but their reactions can vary from day to day ...
bobbie will sometimes go nuts, and other times just stone out for a while... and on other occasions she'll eat the stuff...
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