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Originally posted by jmvito
How does it attach to the sill?
A big fat velcro patch.. It came with screws.. it said you could do it either way. It seems to be holding her fine but I'll keep an eye on it and if I have to I will screw it into the sill.

She hasnt left it since I posted last LMAO!!!

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sicy if it breaks, it will be on the sides, mine has, i guess because they spring off it, but any how you or your bf, maybe can fix that, take off the cover and take a narrow piece of board and tape it to the part that is broke wrapping it real tight, so its one piece again and that will last forever, cheaper than buying another napper. hopefully it wont break, but just in case you might try this
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Thanks dougbug I'll keep that in mind!!!

Zoey came out to eat and then went right back to the perch LOL What have I done
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hey sicy,
you might need to see that it is sturdy enough to hold her weight should she get heavier.... despite that, it sure looks like a nice place for her...she looks happy there...
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She looks like that's her favorite place to survey her domain from now.

Be careful - if you want to make alterations to her favorite perch now you might have a demon cat on your hands!
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Looks like Madam Zoey is enjoying her new perch I wonder if there is one strong enough to hold the Sammycat's big behind?
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I've got an older version of the perch you bought Zoey. I didn't follow directions and connected it to the sill with C-clamps on the far outer edges of the hammock. It has held up over 40 pounds of cats with no problems. OK, so the hammock part sags, and I've had to make a new cover because it sagged so much over time, but what the hey, they love it. The new cover is held together with velcro so I didn't have to rerun that darn screw thru the fabric each time I washed it.
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My daughter has one like that for her cat. It did fall off once. I don't know how she had it attached. They finally put a board in it cause it sagged so much.

Just keep an eye on it.
Zoey looks absolutely ecstatic up on it.
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I have two of those cat perches and it seems like every other month I am buying another one( they leap onto and off of it! and finally it just gives way!). I DO like them though. I got cheap this time and bought a "kitty perch" and I don't like it at all! it is smaller and poor 16 pound Twig falls right off of it! so i am going to take it back and get the other one again! Just so you know, I always screw it in just in case the cats get a case of the hypers and start to bounce on and off of it! I'd freak if it came off the velcro and sent a cat crashing into the ground!(EEP!)
Moral of the story, don't be cheap when it comes to your cats fun!
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HELP! Zoey does not sleep with me since I got that dang perch LMAO.

*throws perch out the window
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Awww, so sory that she is addicted to the perch, she seems a bit drunk in the second pic!

btw, I love your photoshop of zoey!!!! LMAO!!! I think I really like the spidey one
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LMAO! *hiccup*
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Originally posted by Sicycat
HELP! Zoey does not sleep with me since I got that dang perch LMAO.

*throws perch out the window
She looks so sweet sitting on the perch, but she won't sleep with you? Awwwww... It reminds me of when my dad installed a kitty door (screen type flap) in my sister's front porch window about a month ago. It's really cute and twice when I visited, I saw two neighbourhood cats sit right at the door and look in with their head cocked to one side as if they're deciding whether it's safe for them to go in too. (One of these days I'm sure one will come in for a visit, but it hasn't happened yet. They run away.) Now I never get to see Jess "ask" to go out or "ask" to come in like she used to. I miss that.
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I'm sure she'll get tired of it eventually
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