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Window Perches!!

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Do you guys have window perches for your kittys? I think I'm going to go get one today for Zoey for the bedroom window. It's the only window I could put it in because the only other window I have is the sliding glass door.

What kinds are best? Is there a specific brand or something? And I have drapes.. how do I work that out lol.

If you have pics of your kittys on perches please post!
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I don't have a window perch, but I do have a kitty condo that is just the right height for the window. It gives Ivo more room to move around and seems more stable to me.

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Yeah I already have a huge cat tree.. its just that Zoey seems as if she wants to get to that window from the bed.. but the bed is not at the right angle for her to jump on the sill.. lol.. so sometimes she falls trying to get there so I thought I'd get her a perch so that she could jump up there instead of breaking her neck
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I have a window perch for Spike. It's upholstered in carpet and attached to the windowsill quite easily, if I remember properly. It just a couple screws I believe. And it's sturdy enough... it doesn't wobble or anything, but Spike is only about 9.3 pounds, so I don't know how much weight plays into it. And he does love it.. he watches birdies from there often. I'll try finding a picture of it, but it may take me awhile. That's the only downside of having 1300+ pictures of your cat.
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Originally posted by okeefecl [/b]
LOL! Ivo looks like one happy Kitten!!!
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Hey Sicy - Maybe you could mount a pretty fluer dali so your drapes can swag...maybe add some blinds to the window so the drapes can stay back most of the time...the perch will look cute...kinda' like a flower box... Just a thought.....

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Originally posted by kimward34
fluer dali

lol sounds like a good idea though
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Originally posted by Sicycat

lol sounds like a good idea though
Here's a pretty one....

I'm just thinking out loud...
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Hi Sicy. Here's my window perch. Three of the 4 cats use it. Dottie is the only one that doesn't. I got the shelf and brackets at Home Depot. I think I spent a total of 12.00.

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I have a bay window and a kitchen garden window so I never have to worry about the kitties getting enough "window time". However they are destroying the blinds in the kitchen window. They just walk through the blinds and bend them to weird angles. I would just leave the blinds up, but the sun sets on that side of the house and it is 105 outside.
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I believe I got mine at Wal Mart. It was a plastic frame, with this sling-type of thing made out of faux sheepskin. Both SQuirt and Joey loved it. It supported Squirt just fine, and he was 14 pounds. The only reason I don't still have it is because my house has litterally only one window it would work on, and the sofa is in front of it! My other windows are all sliding glass doors and the dining room window, which goes to the floor.

This link shows one at PetsMart that is similar.
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Wow jmvito you made that yourself, save money! Smart.

Ya Deb that looks like one I will probly get. It's just going to be kinda awkward I think because it will stick out over the bed just a tad.

gosh the sacrafices I make for my cat's happiness
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Here's where I want to put it

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I have two window perches - one in the kitchen window, which attaches to the windowsill with one screw, and another in the living room, which is bigger and attaches with two screws. My sills are about 6 inches deep and made of marble, so the perches were easy to attach. They are both padded, plush-covered boards. JC uses them all the time. I have sheer curtains which cover the perches - I just make sure that JC can access the sills at the edge by pushing the sheers over, as otherwise he pulls at them.
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Hey Sicy - this looks narrow and sturdy Shelf ...and like Deb25 said...staple some faux sheepskin on the shelf and voila! Heck, I might slap a perch up this weekend because you guys got me all excited - lol!

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Sicy, the first thing you need to do is determine where the studs are in the wall. Because of the height of your window, you will need a perch that mounts on the wall, and you need it to be strong. Once you know where the studs are, you'll have a better idea of what length material and brackets you'll need. My perch holds Bleu, who weighs 12 pounds. Must studs are 16 inches on center. Usually the electrical plug boxes are nailed to the side of a stud, so that would be a good place to start. Once you find one stud, you can measure 16 inches in either direction to find the next one. How does Zoey get up there?
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Kim said

this looks narrow and sturdy Shelf
This is the shelf I have, brackets and all. I have this fabric that I'm going to use to make a cover for the shelf.

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ROTFL! I may have to use more brackets because my GoGo weighs over 20 pounds AND should all of my cats get on the perch at the same time... we're talking 60 pounds of cat ...I wouldn't want it to come crashing down with pieces of my wall to boot - Eeeek! I better buy a stud finder, huh?

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Kim, as long as you support it properly -- i.e., using the studs in the wall and sturdy material, you should be okay. My shelf is 12 inches by 24 inches. The particular shelving material comes in longer lengths, up to 48" I think. I would suggest a bracket for every other stud your shelf will span. This will keep your perch from sagging in case all your cats decide to use it at once.
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Well here it is.. I didnt have to drill any holes or anything, and she jumps up just fine. It doesnt look all that sturdy though lol

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Wow! What a mess. The houses are a bit different here. We have radiators right under the windows, and solid walls. For Sicy, I would suggest metal brackets and a shelf, or my mom's solution. She picked up a long, narrow library table at Goodwill, and put it right in front of the window, with a nice pillow on top. She didn't have to drill holes in the wall, or worry about the curtains (she simply dispensed with them in that window. If not using curtains in that particular window isn't an option, how about a pull-down shade?) Even moving a bureau in front of the window might work - anything the cat can relax on.
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Now I just have to figure out what to do with those dang drapes I dont really want to leave them open when I'm not home, or the window open for that matter yet I want her to be able to enjoy this when I'm not home *sigh*
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LOL! You mean to tell me that we typed all of this advice for nothin' ??? -- kidding, Sicy - The perch looks perfect!! Zoey looks HAPPY!!

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ou seem to have found the right solution. We posted at the same time. It looks good - she certainly looks very satisfied, and I wish her lot of fun.
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Thanks. I'm sorry LOL I went out and didnt check the board till I came back with the perch.
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Looks good Sicy. I hope it's sturdy; don't want Zoey taking a head dive! How about hanging an inexpensive sheer? That way, you can keep the room semi-private, and Zoey can stick her head under it when she wants to gaze outside.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Thanks. I'm sorry LOL I went out and didnt check the board till I came back with the perch.
Don't apologize you did really well - plus look how happy Zoey is!! I wonder if that would support my GoGo's fat arse??
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How does it attach to the sill?
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tea i have one for each of my bedroom windows, my boys love them, mine is called cat napper, some WalMart stores carry them and petsmart, and i think K mart has them. Boo would love it
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