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Kneading me with claws?

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Morgan has this thing for stretching out his paws a lot. Its like he just wants to touch me a lot, but he uses his claws a tiny bit, but not meanly. He also likes to sit on my lap as far up to my face as he can, while kneading my chest with his paws, and a bit of those claws! Not too painful, but enough to get my attention and want him to get down. Why do you think he does this? Abby doesnt.. so Im a little confused. I have plenty of scratching toys and things, and he seems to use them pretty well, and so far (knock on wood!) hasnt scratched anything up that he shouldnt be. So why does he like to put his feet all over me with his claws outstretched?
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they love ya! When they are babies and nursing they do that to mommy to make the milk come out faster (I think that is why they do it) anywho it is is one of those comfort things that they do when they are happy. Kinda like petting you. I trim there claws so it doesn't hurt when they do it. If you just trim the sharp points off it won't hurt anymore.
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Willow does it all the time. She does it on people and on duvets?? It is sooooo cute. I try to keep her claws short so it doesn't hurt but she hates getting it done so sometimes I end up looking like a pin cushion. Otis has never done it though!
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Loki is an avid kneader. One day I'll drop him off at the bakery to earn his keep. He also hates to have his nails trimmed and my excuse is I fell into a rosebush!
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Kneading is one of the cutest thing a cat can do! My cat Snowball has to do it every time she jumps on my lap, so I wear double sweat pants when it's time for some lovin'. When I really get her going she drools all over the place. It's always the same procedure, too. She starts by standing up and kneading, and while I'm petting her she seems to get so relaxed she'll just drop on her side and knead my stomach while she's laying down while pushing off with her hind legs. I have to enclose my arms around her or she'll push herself right off my lap.
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My older cat Jake does this all the time too when he's in my lap, as well as drooling. It hurts, but usually I have an extra blanket or something under his paws to protect me.
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Fred kneads on me with his claws, and always has. He has some little birth defect that does not allow his claws to fully retract. It isn't so bad when it is cold, and I can wear sweats, but I get shredded this time of year. He goes nuts when I try to trim his claws, and he is so old, he is starting to feel a kind of brittle. I am afraid I will hurt him if I try too hard. The last time I tried, I cut his toe, and felt soo bad.
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They're trying to trample you into the shape of a cat bed so they can sleep on/in you... Just kidding! They sound like they're NUTZ about you... I wish out kitties treaded me more
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CC kneeds me every time she sits on me as well as keeping her claws trimmed, i just "readjust" her and she eventually finds a comfy spot.
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My Jordan kneeds my arm all the time, but I have to have short sleeves on. I am very good about keeping his claws short because he does this. When he does it his claws don't hurt until they get long enough that they pinch my skin between the claw & the toe. Since he likes to lay between my body & my arm & kneed the inside of my arm it can get a little painful. Of coarse he like to try & suckle on my arm as well. I love it when he does that because it means he sees me as his mommy.
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The main reason cats kneed is to get milk from there mother. If a cat is taken from its mother to early and not properly weened the cat will kneed more often than a cat properly weened.
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I keep a thick handtowel where I sit on the couch and then put it in my lap whenever Maggie sits with me. The other cats seem able to kneed without their claws, but Maggie gets so carried away that without the towel my legs would be full of pin-pricks!
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My little kitty Noira does this too! It is soo cute. She is all black but has white claws and they are always out, but she doesnt scratch really. When she stretches they come out and when she kneeds my neck when she is sitting on my chest and nuzzling into my neck. I think it is adorable. I look down and talk softly to her and she reaches up and puts her paws, with the claws out, on my chin or mouth while I talk to her and she coos back at me. It doesn't hurt tho cuz I keep her claws trimmed.
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I have a few that do this and use different techniques on each. Keep a towel or blanket handy and put it between you and them. One of mine just gets excited by being in my lap and when he starts to kneed, I hold his paws gently until he settles down. Clip their claws. Bogart is my older special boy and I just let him do whatever he wants - he likes to kneed my hair and often scratches my head, neck or ears - I just brush the hair over the scratch (LOL)!
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At least that is what we call this thing my cats have for my long hair. (waist length) In bed they lay on the headboard and pull up some hair and knead on it. My husband started calling the action "Mommie Hair".
They also run away with any hair clips or scrungies I may leave out. Joy! Something with mom's hair on it. I have to keep my hairbrush in a drawer too.
And when I have my head upside down brushing my hair I have helpers. They run their claws through my hair. And OUCH! when they get a snag or make one. The only time they leave my hair alone is when I am blow drying it. But that is the dryer that keeps them away because they also like wet hair.
I have a very expensive boar bristle brush that I use for them. They all love to be brushed and then "kill" the brush when I am done. I use this to introduce the new arrivals. (So everyone will have the same smell.)
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The trips do it to us with their legs extended when they sit on our laps. We either wear more clothing, or say "ouch...ouch...ouch..." a lot! Such devotion can be painful!
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I love it when Duncan kneads me. I have a friend who had surgery recently and his docotr told him that if he could to get his cat to knead his scar (it would make it go away much quicker).

Duncan kneads my stomach, and recently has begun to knead my shoulders. It's like having a personal massage therapist.
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Its just how they show you that they are relaxed and comfortable. My cats do it on my pillow before we go to sleep. This is what they did to their mothers, you should be happy they he feels good enough with you to knead you chest. He's just saying I love you.
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Originally posted by DuncansDaddy
Duncan kneads my stomach, and recently has begun to knead my shoulders. It's like having a personal massage therapist.
Ha! I too say the same thing. Every night when I go to bed Dori lays near my head and kneads my shoulders. It's just like having a massage. Then once she feels she's done there she kneads the top of my head and then lays on it.
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my Kaymen is also a big time kneader,,,,I havent seen any of you post this but kaymen is a big sicker to, she always sucks on my sweaters, I got her from a pet store but I am assuming it was because she was taken away from her mother to soon,,,,but she kneads and sucks on me all of the time
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All our cats have kneaded on us. Grizz would circle the bed, and start kneading by our feet. Buffy kneads by my stomach, nose pressed against the blanket (hiding the fact that she's drooling on it), and then she plops over and falls asleep.

Willow, on the other hand... She "rides" my leg, in the sense that each leg is on teh other side. The right hind leg is on one side, the left hind leg is on the other. The right foreleg is on one side, the left foreleg on the other. Then she grabs onto the blanket by my ankle and starts kneading with her forelegs. She used to knead with her back legs, which felt odd. Now, she uses both. Well, she kneads with the forelegs and occationally lifts a backleg as if to make sure it's still working, make sure the leg behind her is still satisfactory. None of the other cats have ever scratched me with their nails, and Willow doesn't either at first. But then her nails start to make their way through the fabric and soon they come into contact with my foot. I don't mind it, since they're still moving gently, scratching any itchy spots. But then her nails start to poke me enough that my foot start jerking involuntarily. Then I try to shift my foot everytime she lifts her leg. I don't complain, she doesn't complain.

She then used to go over to her bowl of water that I had out for her, and she'd drink for like 10 minutes, or until the bowl was empty. Then she'd come back over and lie down. Makes me thing that holding onto the blanket with her mouth dried it up and she needed to "moisturize" it again, lol!
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