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Litter box and scooping tips

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We're beginners here.. at least I am. I have no idea what Im doing So I have my 2 litter boxes side by side in my den, on a swatch of carpet for any overflowing litter. We're Using Tidy Cats clumpable litter which seems to be working well.

What do you do with the stuff you scoop out on a daily basis? I put it in my garbage can last night but fear that will just transfer smells to other parts of my house while the trash sits. I usually dont need to take the trash out everyday so it will sit there for a while Im sure. Can I just flush it down the toilet with the bit of litter stuck to it?

What do you do with your scooper? Right now I have my resting in a pan, up against the far end by the wall. Where do you store it? Do you clean it after every use?

The full pan cleanings... what is your usual plan of attack? Those of you who have posted about doing daily scoopings and once a week for full pans, do you not add new litter in between?

Any other tips you could offer?
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I use two shopping bags for the litter, tie it up good and put it in an outside trash can.
I have a hook inside the closet i keep one of the litter pans in and store teh scoop there.
When I do not add litter after I scoop. I do a full clean when the litter get low. I just dump it into a grocery store bag and tie it and put it in the outside trash. I scrub the pan and let it dry and then fill it with fresh litter.

The cats love to watch me clean the litter box
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I would really warn you against flushing clumpable litter! Unless you have a lot of money and want to pay an irrate plumber when he discovers what you did. Clumpable litter is made to retain 70% more of its additional weight, so it could really muck up your pipes. Even flushing flushable litter is not a good idea. I have heard horror stories about that as well.

Your best bet is to get a small, tightly covered bucket. Line the inside of the bucket with a garbage bag and put your waste and soiled litter in there. When it is full, take it out and stick it in the garbage.

When you change your litter pans after you scrub them out, spray the inside bottom with PAM cooking spray, that stops any of the waste from sticking to the litter pan. Then just dump fresh litter on top of the spray. Don't spray the sides though- just the inside bottom.

I scoop anywhere from 3-4 times a day, clean the boxes (scrub them) 3 times a week.

The scoop, I just clean it after every use and keep it in a small container near the litter pan.
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I agree about flushing. My plumber friend says that is a great no-no. I use my plastic bags from places like WalMart when I scoop every day. I tie them up tight and then you can throw them in the garbage. After I scoop, I do add more litter. I have found you don't want to have tons of litter in the box, because my Max will try to dig a hole to China and it gets all over the place. A nice covering and that is all.

I do wash the scoop after every use and since I have a litter box that is enclosed, I leave it on top of the litter box.

I change the complete litter box every other week. I use litter box liners, which I just pick up - tie and put in another plastic bag. I will put this in my garage garbage can and the garbage man takes it away with him.
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We have litter maids and they are great. We also use the cooking spray to keep it from sticking. They are scrubbed twice a week and it seems to work for us.
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i never tried cooking spray! I will have to try that!!

DO NOT flush clumbing litter! I washed the pans out once in the bathtub and there was alittle litter and I think that is what killed my septic tanks....$3000 later.....
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I too scoop into the plastic shopping bags and take out to the outside trash immediatly. Those shopping bags come in really handy. I will have to try the cooking spray tip, I had to chisel off scoopable litter yesterday when I was cleaning the boxes. When I change the litter in my boxes I take them outside and spray them with bleach and water from a spray bottle, let them sit and rinse them out and let them dry.
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I use the big buckets of scoopable litter with the tops that seal. I recycle the buckets by scooping used litter into them. The sealed top keeps it from stinking, and when it starts to get full, you can throw bucket and all away. I keep my scoop in a small trash can next to the litter boxes. All of this is in the bedroom we use for storage.
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We also "recycle" the bucket that the litter came in by filling it with the scoopings. We make sure that there is only one bucket per trash can come trash day, so as not to throw out the garbageman's back. The scoop gets set behind one of the boxes between uses. The upstairs and attic boxes get scooped into plastic trash/shopping bags (Target has such nice thick heavy plastic bags, gotta love it) and these go right to the outside trash.

We scoop a minimum of twice daily, and the boxes get scrubbed weekly.
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I will never flush used litter down the toilet again. I had a clay litter that I had mixed 50-50 with Swheat scoop. I flushed it down 3 times in one week. I just rented a 50 foot electric snake 2 days ago to route out my main waste pipe in my house because sewage was backing up in my basement. What a nasty job that was. I did fix the problem without a plummer tho.
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we use tongs for the BIG pieces ... but we use silica gel, so we don't have to worry about the pee or the toilet getting clogged as it just dissolves when it hits water... pretty neat actually...
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i use scented bags, y'know the type you use for disposing baby diapers? I scoop the mess into one of those and put it in the trash! there inexpensive too!
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Question , do you let the pam spray try first before adding the litter ??? And also : can I use only pam spray or will any kind do ??? I do use 2 crossery store bags to place the Scoobing in and then I tie (sp) the first bag then I tie the other bag and it goes right away outsite in the garbage can .
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