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cool new cat tree for cats!

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About a month ago, we ordered a really cool cat tree from Angelical Cat Co. Well, it was shipped last Thursday, and yesterday it was delivered to our house!! It is sooo awesome. 7 feet tall, with real wood for the posts. So far, everyone likes it! I have added a link to my web page for you all to see pictures of it! Click on http://www.catzrus.com/ourcats.html and if you click on the very botto, where it says "Click Here for More Pictures" it will take you thru a few pages. It's on the 2nd or 3rd page, but it also has pics of our cats!
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If you don't mind me asking...what was the $$$
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That is a fantastic tree. I want one! I would love to know what it costs. I bet the price would be double up here. Right now I am paying out all my money to get my babies needles and fixed in Sept.They just had their second shots. I want all the toys and climbing stuff for them though. That would be a great Xmas present for them

BTW your cats are absolutely gorgeous. I was wondering too what two of them were sleeping on in the corner. Is that a high shelf you built for them.? It looks neat. I would like to try and make one.
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Well, it was expensive........ it cost around $850, but about $160 of it went toward freight. It was assembled, too. At one time, I almost cancelled because it was too much, but then I decided not to. You know what makes me mad? Just last week or the week before, I was looking on another cat tree manufacturer, that I had never looked at before........ anyways, do you know they had the same exact tree, for about $100 cheaper!! I couldn't believe it!!
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Tigger; THE TREE is indeed AWESOME!!!! How "lucky" your babies are; to be so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o LOVED!! So many "neat" places to perch and hide.

Don't moan over the $$$ or seeing it on sale somewhere else; the important thing is the hours of enjoyment it brings to you and "The Kids"

BTY, Gizmo is growing up so very fast. I remember the first photos of that skinny, naked, eyes barely open, little kitten you posted.(seems like only yesterday. . . . )

I enjoyed the pics of all your cats. It is a lovely, artistic Site!
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That cat tree is S P E C T A C U L A R !

I drool over the $300 one in PetSmart! For now, I have to settle for my $30 el-cheapo model from Wal-Mart. Squirt won't go near it, but Joey likes it.
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Deb25; Just to "yank your chain"; you do realize that for a lot less than $30. you could have just hung that gym bag that Joey loves on a peg in the living room and he would have been ELATED !!! LOL, Darlene. . . .
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Oh sure, Darlene, that would be in keeping with the decorating theme I have going here!


For that matter, wouldn't it have been cheaper to drag in a few cinder blocks and prop them under the foot of your bed? (Although then I might have missed the wonderful story about your trials and tribulations with that new bed of yours).
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I am home on vacation the first two weeks in July - I now have a project!

I am going to try to build one of these!
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Most commercial cat trees are based on a sauna tube..a heavy duty cardboard tube available at building supply places at a low cost. Carpet is available at many of these same outlets..just buy remnants of the big rolls at a substantial savings. Shelves and "limbs" are simple boards. Damaged and seconds are practically given away. All that's needed is a little imagination,time and a bit of elbow grease.

Elinor... there are some Canadian sources of cat furniture. I looked into the possibility of making and selling,but this being Canada nobody was interested.
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That is an awesome cat tree. Your cats are very lucky. I have three big cat trees for my cats (not 1/2 as nice as that one). I was lucky though I won one of them at a cat show. My cats are always playing or sleeping on one of them.

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P.S. I forgot to mention how absolutely beautiful your cats are.
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First of all your cats are beautiful especially the Aby but then again, I'm partial to abys (right Rene). I can't believe the price as I use to have the same one about 10 years ago and payed $250.00 at that time and it was when the company was owned by someone else who sold it to the company you got it from. Anyway, it's beautiful but the only thing I didn't like about it was eventually the bark brings bugs (after about 4 years). I have 2 trees in my house as my dad sells them and they are awesome (If anyone wants his site, let me know). He sells them at the shows and before I moved to the west I took a few with me. Now either I bring them home (for myself or for friends who love mine) on the plane (in cargo and when I tell my husband that we have to go to the baggage area, he knows there is either another new tree or I went shopping) or my dad has it shipped to me. They are really, really nice (and I'm not saying that because he's my dad) and very well built and last. Anyway, your cats will have a blast on the tree and, funny, my guys use to use it as a launching pad to land on my lap while I'm on the couch or my back if I was bending down. Anyway, enjoy.

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Feel free to post your dad's site. I am always in the market. Wal-Mart can't have my cat tree business forever.
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Here you go Deb and for anyone else that is interested.


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That's an excellent cat tree! And your feline friends are wonderful to behold!

I've searched the inter-net for cat trees and have found the following:


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Your dad has a good selection, and the prices are reasonable. There are a couple that I have put on my wish list.

So, do you just have one of each, or what? :LOL:

Seriously, thanks a lot for the link.
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thanks Frannie!

I think I'm going to order one from him. I went to his site & saw a lot of stuff that I like.
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