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Back to his feral ways

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Ever since Shredder passed, his brother Kabota has been gone more and more. I haven't seen him in a few weeks and last night he showed up and came running to me when I called to him. His normal response is to stop and crawl up my leg until I reach for him and then he snugs down into my neck and hugs me and just hangs there. Well, I picked him up and he growled and hissed at me. Thinking he was injured, I carefully carried him inside and put him in the cat room. He backed away and just hissed when he was released in the room.

I sat down on the floor and gently talked to him and he finally came over and I started petting him, searching for a wound, or a sore spot or anything. Nothing was found. He ate and drank and used the litter box and there is just something in his eye now I am wary off. He rushed me a few times while i was in the room with intent to strike me, but I warned him off with my voice and he quit. As I turned to go, he attacked me and launched straight for my back growling and hissing.......sigh....

I got him off of me, and sat back down on the floor to recover while he backed away and glared at me. A few minutes later he was his loving self and came up to me head bumping me. Mike took him to the vet this morning, and he was given an all clear on health. So we released him and he has scampered off. I don't know where he spends his time anymore, but it is clear he has reverted to his feral way.
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i'm so sorry hissy I hope he didn't get you too bad. Maybe he is just grieving and after time will be back to his normal self.
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This is so sad. It is real proof that people who don't think that cats are social creatures are wrong. Poor Kabota is grieving and has lost his link (Shredder) to the people who love him so much.
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Oh MA, I'm so sorry! I agree with Renae and Val - this is so sad. Poor Kabota. He's mad at the world for the loss of Shredder. Poor little guy!!!!! I hope that all this takes is some time....

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Oh MA, I'm so sorry to hear that Kabota has lost his sense of security with you since his brother's passing. Hopefully, at some time in the future, he will have grieved enough for Shedder on his own.
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