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Hubby's appointment

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to the Nuerologist is this afternoon, so wish us luck...
Incase some of you don't know, since his heat stroke last week, his left arm has remained numb, with very little feeling in it, and the doctor seemed to think a specialist needed to look into it....I am a little nervous, and so is Steve, but I just ask that yall send positive vibes here please! Thanks!
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prayers for your hubby to get well soon!
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Prayers for you and your hubby. Good luck at the Doctor's appointment. Only Good news Vibes headed you way.
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Good thoughts coming your way! Hope everything is okay.
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Sending positive healing vibes. Please let us know how it goes!
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tons of good luck to you!!
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Hope all goes (or went) well!!!!! Sending my best wishes..... and (((((Hugs)))))
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I hope all goes well! Positive vibes from California!
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Kathy, sending lots of good vibes Steves way! Please keep us posted on what happens.
Take care of yourself too!
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Lots of good vibes coming your way.
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How did it go?
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Hope everything went alright! Let us know!
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keeping postive thoughts your way, Hope that everything is alright, let us know
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pls dun worry too much..he'll be alright..let us know the outcome...will be praying for u...
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Hope everything went well.
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Any word yet? Hope you got some good news!
Sending mega good vibes to Steve!
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