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Kitten Vs Headphones

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I have FINALLY found something that my kitten Rocky is afraid of.

Stereo headphones.

I was sitting on my bed with the headphones on, and he was walking by. He looked me up and down, and when he saw this thing on my head his ears went back and he started backing up out of the room. I got up to see what the matter was, but I still had the headphones on (dumb human) and when I walked over to him and leaned down to look at him he leaped backwards four feet. By this time, Angel, his foster mother, came over to see why I was tormenting her poor kitten. (Of course, she tried to kill him when he first arrived, but we shall not speak of that anymore.)

I couldn't figure out what his problem was, but he seemed okay, so I left him alone. I thought maybe it was just the kitten crazies. About two hours later I removed the headphones and Rocky made his move. He went for the headphones and used his paw to beat it into submission. The battle went on for about five straight minutes. During that time I was laughing so hard I fell off the bed several times.

I'd like to hear from other folks on the board. What items in your home have your cats battled into submission?
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Willow is terrified of nail files. If I file my nails she watches from behind the armchair you can just see an eye and an ear.
Then I put it on the floor when i'm done and she goes for it, she'll bite it and scratch at it. It is sooo funny.
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Felixia hates hair dryers and other electrical appliances that make noise. She'll run up and attack them!
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Did Rocky finally get a squeal of help from the headphones?
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Toes hates the vacuum cleaner, but he won't attack it--he'd rather rip me apart to get away from it (and he's done that).

He does get really quirky though, if he sees something that he's never seen before (say you lay a newspaper on the floor) he'll bat it into submission and then run away after doing a little dance.
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Dear Cathi:

No, but from the way he was beating on the headphones and the wires I don't think that would have made much difference! The other two cats sat on the floor and looked at him like he had lost his ever-loving mind!
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Fred and Georgia will attack flowers in the house. I was wearing a corsage once, and Fred went crazy ant tore it to pieces while I was still wearing it.
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The broom.
A small clump of mohair i have left over from knitting...
Fingers under the covers....

and smelly socks
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I bought a sisal rug for my foyer. Bleu is scared to death of it. The rug has been in the house for about 7 months now. The young cats use it to sharpen their claws. Dottie rolls around on it. But not Bleu, he walks ALL THE WAY AROUND IT. He hates it so much he even beats on it with his front feet.
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My cats had to beat up a stone statue of a sleeping cat. They had to stalk it for about 10 minutes and then sneak up on it to slap at it. I made a scary noise when my youngest attacked it. He leaped straight up and I thought that I would have to peel him off of the ceiling.

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I used to have a dog who FREAKED, when I had curlers in my hair. She would see those things and begin shaking, whimpering and cowering.

She also didn't like people wearing hats. Baseball caps were OK (her daddy wore one all the time) but cowboy hats and ladies' hats freaked her out.
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Isn't that funny about dogs and hats? My brother's black lab was afraid of men in hats. My dog Mattie, a lab/sharpei mix is also afraid of hats. The ruff goes up on her back if she sees someone in a hat, and she growls and barks! Like your dog, it wasn't the baseball caps, but hats. Why do you suppose that is?
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My cats are afraid of the usual things like the vacuum cleaner. Cracker hates plastic bags when you rustle them, and he also hates the sound of the smoke alarm going off - a regular occurrence in our household where the smoke alarm goes off every time we make toast.

My sister's cat Tonic, who is sadly no longer with us, used to be petrified of a tall, sylised cat figurine that stood about 2 1/2 feet tall in her living room. In the end she had to move it to a room that the cats weren't allowed in as it spooked him so much!
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