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New to this site!

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Hi everyone. I shall return a little later, over the weekend, to re-introduce myself.

I live in Vermont - owned by three cats. One cat, a bengal, is giving me lots of heart aches, behavior wise. Any current bengal owner input would be welcomed.

Thanks - and I will stop back later.

Sallyanne Smith
South Hero, VT
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welcome to the boards! I'm sure you will love it here!!
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Welcome to the site! I don't own a Bengal, but I've certainly heard the stories that they are a handful. Post a thread in the Behavior Forum with your questions, where our experts can help you out with the little one.

Enjoy your time here, and I hope that we can help you.
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welcome to TCS!
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Hi, and welcome.

I have a Bengal kitten, he is to say the least a handful.
Very active, into everything. His latest escapade was getting in the refrigerator, while I was putting something on the counter, good thing I looked before I shut the door.
My cat was very loving when I got him at eight weeks, he still likes to get attention but not for long he would rather be climbing up walls, or my plants.
I knew they are considered to be active cats, but I wish I had read more about just what a handful they really are.
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Welcome glad that you can be here show pictures when you can we all would love to see them
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Hope to hear more from you soon! Welcome!
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welcome to the site, im sure you will get some good tips from people here, i think there is a person or persons on here that have bengals, good luck
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I wont say welcome because you have been here longer then me ..LOL

"Paw"sed to meet you!
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Hi again. Sorry, I forgot to check back to this thread. A friend emailed me to let me know that I needed to respond. What was I thinking? I have been busy trying to get Ti, the Bengal kitty, a new home and play musical cats in the mean time. (Musical cats, much like musical chairs.....)

I hope to be a little more attentive from now on!

Thanks for such a warm welcome!

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