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Rice sock?

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Excuse my poor memory, but someone posted on here about a rice sock for headaches. Could you explain in more detail what it is as I am confused? I know you said you can heat it in a microwave or freeze it. But is this raw uncooked rice or what?
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I ran a search for you and Sandie is the one to ask. Here's the thread where rice sock first appears:
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You can take a regualar tube sock or you can make a fancy pouch with the sewing machine. I like the sock because it is long and pretty flexable. Just fill it with raw white rice so it's firm but you can move the rice around to your comfort. I sew it closed, but it could be tied off.
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Much appreciated!
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FYI The "Rice Sock" works very well for stiff, sore muscles!! i.e. heated and laid around back of neck or shoulders will ease tension. Frozen, it can be applied to injury to help reduce swelling.
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Some folks use white beans instead of rice...uncooked,not canned.

The sock thing is good in other ways. if the source of your headache persists you can whack him with it.
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