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Well, Craig went into work today, and was told by many people that Monday could be the last day for everyone. We're bothed kinda depressed about the possible situation we're gonna be stuck in. I'm looking for a second job starting tomorrow.
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OMG thats awful. I hope something turns up for both of you. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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Oh my, you both must be so concerned over this. I hope it ends up not true. Seems we're hearing this too much lately.
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Oh, Cassie, I do hope that isn't the case. (((HUGS)))
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I hope that doesnt happen! Mega positive thoughts going both your way!

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oh no how awful!!
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So many people out of work these days. I wonder when things are gonna start picking up.
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That sucks cass I'm sorry I wish you guys good luck!! I know how it is.. things are so bad around here. My boss just cut our pay 10%. I hope I dont lose this job.. I've been here for 4 years and its a great job *sigh:
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