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Does Size Matter?

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Penny, my 8mo spayed female stray with the missing eye seems so small. She weighs about 5.5# give or take 1/2#. She's petite and svelte. She's about 21 inches from nose to tail tip, and about 4 inches tall when laying on her tummy. Duffy my 10wo kitten is as tall as Penny, about 2 inches shorter in length, and weighs 3.5#. Bleu, weighs about 12# and is 28 inches long, and Dottie, weighs about 9# and is 25 inches long.

Penny has had a rough 8 months of life -- found as a stray on a snowy winter day at about 4 weeks old. She's had a necrotic eye since day one, then she was spayed around 6.5 months, then the terrible infection that made her awfully sick last week. Perhaps she's been so health challenged that it's stunted her growth? While Duffy is putting on a 1/2# a week, Penny's not put on any weight since I first got and weighed her in mid-May.

She's eating really good -- primarily Iams Kitten Canned, and Purina Kitten Chow. I do give her meat scraps -- small chunks of chicken hot dogs, and chicken breast meat nearly every day. She's not real enegetic like a kitten her age should be, but she never was overly enthusiastic about play.

Should I be concerned about her size? Perhaps she's the right size for her age, and my other cats are just big?
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Cats come in all shapes and sizes. If the vet says the kitty is fine, I wouldn't worry. I have cats from 5 pounds to 12 pounds. The largest is a DSH and the rest are Persians.
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Cats are just like people, some are big and some are small. Some cat breeds only weight around 7 lbs, while other breeds are 15 lbs. Corkscrew is quite a bit larger than my other cat Tibby, but they are both very healthy cats.
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I read this topic and just started laughing

Nope size doesn't really matter. Kitties come in all shapes and sizes....

Size never matters

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thanks for the reassurance. I don't mind that she's petite because she's quite cute. When I spoke to the vet he simply said, she's a small cat. I suppose given her lot in life, I'm just being overly-cautious.
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I wouldn't worry, my cat is petite too. You're cat has been through trama during a very critical time as growth is concerned. You said she's eating well and as long as your vet doesn't see a problem I don't think there's too much need for concern. If you haven't taken her to the vet I would, you can never be too safe
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All my cats are teeneey weeneey fur balls...
Bobbie being the biggest at just under 5kg...
and zooey being the lightest at about 2.5-3kg.. fully grown!
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Peppurr is 2 years old, weighs 18 pounds and is 36 inches long.

Rascal is 1 year old, weighs 13 pounds and is 38 inches long.

Zues is 15 weeks old, weighs 3.5 pounds and is 25 inches long.

Majesty weighs 8 pounds and is 30 inches long.

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