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Cat has bumps on one back leg.

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Hi all. I have a 1.5 year old cat (actually my son's but I am watching her for a year while he is out west). While 'Butters' was in heat and overly friendly (she is scheduled for spaying on the 24th if the timing is right) I noticed several small and somewhat crusty 'bumps' on her back left leg last night. When she had her shots about two weeks ago, the vet gave her a good once over, so I am not sure if this is new or simply missed. There is another cat in the house, but it tries to stay away from the little 'clawed wonder'. So I am not sure if it is a war wound unless the other cat, which was a declawed stray, used her teeth. And since there are several bumps in close proximity???? She is quite thin and her full looks lustrous, and I 'think' the vaccination was given in the neck area although to be honest, I am questioning if I am 100% certain of that after reading that sometimes it is given in the leg area. She eats fine, looks good, etc. but I am concerned. I don't see her 'scratching or biting herself' there, although she was licking her 'special area' when in heat. Too bad I did not notice this yesterday when I had the dog in to the vet. (hip dysplasia and shots )
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Any chance of fleas in the house? Some cats can be allergic enough to flea bites that they'll bite and lick an area and eventually get a bunch of little bumps like that. Of course allergic reactions to other things can cause those, too.

All you can do is go back to the vet... Probably not what you want to hear. I know how annoying it can be to be in there 2-3 times a week.
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Thank you for the feedback. I somehow doubt it is fleas to be honest, but will double-check. I am going to keep an eye on her behaviour over the weekend and see if I can get a closer look as well. Now that she is coming out of heat, she is reverting to her not so cozy-cat mood.

And yes, the vets where I go are great so I will likely call them as well. My big husky/malamute cross is a huge suck, so to make it as minimally traumatic as possible, she is usually seen by a female vet ... post-gravol tablets. You should have heard her howl when she got her shots yesterday. You would have thought the world was coming to an end.

The cats are a piece of cake compared to Kiara, my pooch. Even Miss Claws aka Butters. (I presume my son watches South Park? I heard that is likely where the name came from.)
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Yes, those northern dog breeds are known for being a bit whiny. And yes, I would assume your son picked the name up from South Park. The character is good natured but not particularly bright.

If not fleas, other things can cause scabby bumps. Allergic reactions to food, irritation from scented items (like scented litter), and even stress causing over grooming. Fleas tend to be top of the list, though. There's also the possibility of ringworm... So the vet may want to take a small skin scraping.
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