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a couple of questions for you all...

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I was reading up on Rocket my Abby and it seems that he never got registered( I don't think) so I was wondering,
1) if we got him in 1999 is that blue slip still good?
2) I have his pedigree and I'm not sure how many generations he actually is so I can pay for the correct amount
30 who do we mail the blue slip to? it saysthe cat fanciers associatons inc. but there's no address.
4) if the cattery name is first, does that make it the first thing in his name? we named him The Ruddy Rocket of Sarduis because Sardius is the cattery where he came from and now it says that is the prefix? what does that mean exactly? will he become Sarduis the ruddy rocket?
On ths blue slip Sarduis is the first name on the slip so do we have to put Rocket full name after that?
questions, questions, sorry but I thought s/o took care of this oh so long ago and well, never leave it up to the man! LOL!(sorry guys!)
cananyone help me with all my questions? I have a ton.....
Thanks in advance.
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Barb, I'm going to move this to the Breeder's forum since they should have all the answers on registering Rocket.
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Cat Fanciers Assoc.Inc.
1805 Atlantic Ave
P.O.Box 1005
Manawquan New Jersey 08736-0805

The fee would be $15.00

The cattery name would come first "Sarduis's Ruddy Rocket"

The cats pedigree has nothing to do with the cost of registration.

Feel free to ask any other questions.
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Fantastic! Thank you Teresa! You are wonderful! I will complete this and send it in Tomorrow am!
thank you! thank you!
One more tinsy question ok? (no that's not it! LOL) Will they send me anything to let me know they got this blue slip thing? if not how do I find out if Rocket is registered?
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They will send you a certificate for your records. I think they are nice enough to hang on the wall, but they are not a standard frame size.
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You could always send it with a delivery reciept, that way at least you'll know that they did receive it. I'm not sure how long CFA takes getting the paperwork back to you.
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great! thanks for all the info! I can't wait until He is Actually registered. what other things come with him being registered anyway?
Too bad you can't register common cats. I think all of my furkids should be "registered" in some way you know??
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Theres one here
last one....

Now there are buntches of these kinds of services....

Google here to start looking for more!!!!

Now all of your babies will have some sort of pedigree!
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Hmmmmmmm. that sounds really cool! I think I will have to rethink my earlier statement! Have you dealt with any of these companies? or can you recommend somewhere you've gone to register your domestic kitties?
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Sorry Jugen, I've been a bit behind.... not ignoring you I promise!!!!!

I've never dealt with any of them unfortunatley, but while reading your post i had a thought, You could do really nice ones yourself on your computer. It would, in effect, be the same as paying a company to do it.. and with all the good paperstock out there and seals and such, you could make them very nice, specialized exactly the way you want.
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