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Sibling Rivalry?

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I have been noticing more and more when I pet my female cat (Bunnie) around the neck there are scabs there. I think her brother is fighting rough with her when hubby and I are at work all day. He's had a few scabs and had a tiny patch of fur missing from the top of his head, too. They are so lovey dovey sometimes with eachother, she loves to give him a bath and they snuggle up together sometimes. I don't know what goes on while we're at work???? Anybody else experience this and have any suggestions?
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i guess they must have been playing too hard and end up scratching each other with their nails..maybe it's time to trim their nails shorter.
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My first thought was FLEAS. Please search them carefully for fleas and flea dirt.

Are they fixed? He could be trying to mate with her if they aren't fixed.

Good luck!
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Oh Gosh, whenever i see a missing patch of hair, my first horrible thought is ringworm!!!!

Horrible stuff, a cat i brought a few years back had it, took forever to get the place ringworm free
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