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Today's daily thread- Friday

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Today I arose from my peaceful slumber at aproximately a quarter to six in the A.M. I can't be sure exactly what time it was as the rooster that lives in one of the houses down below is particularly unreliable. Some mornings he is early, other mornigs he is rather tardy... A most unreliable creature indeed!

Following my morning stretch, I decided it would be no fun to not have company on such a dark and gloomy morning and so I ventured forth to find Zooey, who was sleeping in her bedroom with Mythie. It's so sweet the way they have bonded so well in the past weeks.

Anyway, once everyone was up, we all went over to the door, which was AS USUAL... SHUT! So naturally I had to scratch and meow until one of our humble servants came to our aid. Now of course, they're not particularly clever so it takes several sharp meows to get them going in the morning. The female one is particularly hard of hearing. I've often heard her complain that it's only becuase she sleeps on the side furthest from the door... Ha! I believe she merely pretends not to hear my meows.

Not only are these dutiful servants fairly deaf they are also rather forgetful, so i had to gently remind the female one, known as baby, that breakfast must be served no later than six thirty in the A.M. What they don't realise is that I don't like to have to nag them so... But as Alpha Cat it is MY duty to ensure that everything in our household is running as smoothly as possible.

After a particularly crunchy breakfast of Felidae, we adjourned to the bedroom, for our morning aerobics. 30 minutes of playing bed-tag is really enough for any cat... Mythie was especially boisterous this morning and to the great amusement of Zooey and myself, landed on the face of our male servant, (known as darling) twice!!! Oh i tell you it was quite amusing... The things these kittens get up to. Reminds me of when I was younger... And i must say it's very sporting of the hired help to remain IN the bed while we exercise... The lumps and bumps they form make it a far more enjoyable game then when there is no one in the bed.

By this time Baby had gone back to bed, she's quite lazy you know.... And Darling was fast asleep as he is loathe to rise before sun up... Mythie being the youngest of us, had to use the little kitties box, so naturally i scratched to open the door for her... as she has not yet mastered the art of scratching doors. It's quite tiresome really... I have to scratch to help her out, and to help her get back in. I look forward to the day when she is able to let herself in and out without my help.

AS i had, by this time fulfilled my morning duties as Alpha Cat i decided to have a wash, and retire until about nine. I had the most entertaining dream about chasing a mouse you know... and as soon as caught it, in my dream it turned directly into cheese. At about nine i arose again... And Zooey and myself had an very envigorating discussion about what new chasing games we would be playing later in the evening. I look forward to playing a game she has devised involving racing madly across the carpet and up onto the sofa while Baby & Darling are watching the box... Oh the look on their faces will be well worth the effort!!

Anyway, it is about time for Baby & Darling to get up now, and start their daily chores of cleaning the kitty litter, cleaning our home, organizing our toys, restuffing some of them with cat-nip... I had better get off the computer, in case they decide that i may not be so 'helpless' after all... yawn ...oh i think i'll take another nap...

More later...
Bobbie Love
(Alpha Cat)
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Hmmm.... how come there's cat hair on my keyboard again?
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ooo hooo hooo

no one replied...
*sniff *sniff
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It's still Thursday here for us in the States! I've still got 3 more hours to go until it's Friday!
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oh.... oopsie!

i furgot about time...
hey how's the release programme coming?
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it's morning here in singapore...

woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning... boy boy and meow meow were busy bathing themselves to even notice me...went over to greet morning to them but they ignored who's having a bad day huh?
got to work and only to realise that my boss is not coming in and i'm all alone again in the office...urgh! hate that feeling...well, good chance to let me laze around and hang around in the forum...heheheh
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Honestly, I'm disappointed. I haven't lost a single pound! The first few days I wasn't hungry one I feel starved all day! I've been doing it all religiously too. I'm sure I start to lose the weight but I was hoping I would have seen a pound or dropping off by now.

The first day with the Protein shake was bad! I didn't have any milk, so I had to drink it in water! EWWW! I gagged...twice! Now with the Skim milk, it's just like a milkshake.

I'm sure it'll all get better...I've still got Faith in it!
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Suraya, I read it and was going to respond but I thought the same as some of the others! (It's still Thursday here!) But really, I think you should be a writer!

Shell, OPPS! I just asked about your diet in another thread! Guess I got my answer here!
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Thanks and BUMP!
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Today was a good day and I have had quite a few calls for my kittens. I also have an ad in the paper for used cat supplies, toys, or trees.

I spoke to a very nice lady who's cat had had 2 kittens night before last and both had passed and she was going to give me the formula and bottles she had.

I get a frantic call a few hours from the same lady. Her cat is giving birth again! She has 2 new babies and both were nursing. I got to talk her through the birth and calm her down by talking about kids and general stuff!

This has really made me feel like I was able to make a difference and help someone who I have yet to meet! It is really a great feeling! (She will fix the mom asap and is keeping the kittens too)
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Suraya! Loved to hear your morning routine. It is exactly 12:00 PM, Friday here in California and eight little furrpurrsons are getting ready for bed. Chrissie has just slain the fly she's played with and kept alive for 3 hours. Princess has fluffed her snow-white ruff 100 strokes. Simba has whacked his brother Samba who whacked back. Punkin' has claimed the rocking chair with claws extended. Tinka has shined her patent-leather tuxedo fur to a glow. Holly has checked each window and growled menacingly to warn all intruders to stay away and Brody has gone off down the hall dragging his bedraggled pink catnip pig. So if I hurry, I may find a small spot in the bed!
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Friday morning here!!!

It's pouring with rain and very humid - I just feel so hot and sticky, even after a shower that I'm putting off drying my hair (all that hot air - yuk!!). I know that will be a mistake coz I'll end up looking like a frizzy monster if I don't blow dry it AND I've a meeting this pm.

Nothing really planned for today apart from this avvie's meeting - I think I'll surf for some good deals on cars - it's getting to the stage where we might actually be able to afford to get a car, contract hire, on the business (I'm NEVER putting my hand in my own pocket and buying a new car again after loosing quite a bit on my Saab convertible in April . . . ). By doing it on the business it's (a) an incentive to keep working hard and (b) if the business goes away, so does the car, and I don't end up getting sued by the finance co.

I desperately want a coupe, but will have to see what's out there and what the prices are.

Have a good Friday - WHATEVER the day it is where you are!!!!
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It's an other beautiful Friday morning here in sunny Florida but I am home feeling under the weather so I am staying home.

Will be nice to have a relaxing day with my two babies and be able to give some extra special attention to Sammy, my recently adopted 12 year old furbaby.

Just discovered that she is not at all agile at all! Poor thing jumped up on a bedside table in the guest room and landed *behind* it. The door to that room is usually closed but I was in and out of that room as I have company this weekend. But all in all for a 12 year old lady she's in excellent shape.

It will rain this afternoon, as it does every summer afternoon here, so I plan on a nice siesta with my furry friends.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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TGIF. Its been a busy week. On all but one day, I've had to take care of some sort of busines, after work. Today, I have to drop by my parents' house. My dad had me shorten some pants, for my neices and I need to drop them off. Can't have a couple of teeny-boppers running around with no pants.

Its also payday so I'd better balance my accounts. Since my car payment and insurance aren't due until next month, I'm fairly flush, this week.

Have a good weekend.
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It'f Friday morning here, haven't been outside yet to see how hot it is as I have been on here since arising. Need to go and see if it is too hot to do some yard work. I don't think so yet, the AC doesn't sound like it is cooling.

That's all I have planned for today. My usual routine.
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Suraya you are a good writer!!!!! I used to log in journals like that under my JB. Well, today was better than yesterday, as you can all remember yesterday, my only response was this
but today I feel a whole lot better

I still have this cheap a** coffee brand, Folger, mind you, I had to say the name and it sucks, I wanted to try something different from Maxwell which is bitter. Ahhhh, the search for good coffee is tough, I saw the Gevalia website, yowzaaas!!! expensive!!!! Even the jamaican blue mountain, $24.95 for 8 oz!! Ridiculous!!!

Anyway, as usual it is hot and muggy here in Tejas, about 86 already and it's not even lunchtime yet! Arrgh!!

Have plans to rent some movies I think, one of them I want to see is Final Destination 2, I saw the first one which was scary and funny!!! Has anyone seen it? Let me know. I also found out that they are doing a re-make of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so that made my day!!!

I'll just be cleaning out the fridge and wash my frizzy nappy head of mine, never know what to do with this hair of mine, a lot of freaking work! Arrgh...

Well other than that, nada much, just busy with my son who is sitting in my lap and pulling everything from the table to drop on the floor, I'm not sure why babies do that, drop stuff on the floor and watch it fall!

Well catch ya'll later.
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I spent the day yesterday rearranging the living room and now it looks better.
Put advantage on the boys.
Going to help my neighbour get ready for her sisters 25th anniversary surprise party. Shes frazzled.
Then will help my landlord figure out how to put her photos on cd using nero.
By the end of the day, I will be bald from pulling my hair out so much.
Peedoodle slept with me on my pillow and so kindly let me have a tiny wee bit of my pillow. That is not like him LOL. But it was nice.
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It is almost 1 PM on Friday in Michigan. One humid and hot day, which is kind of unusual here.

I am waiting to hear if my car loan has gone through. If it does (and I can't see why is won't) I can pick it up on Monday. I will be glad to be rid of the money pit (1997 Plymouth Breeze) and into a spanking new 2003 Oldsmobile Allero with exactly 22 miles on it. It is beautiful (pewter color), had a $4,000 rebate and has a 5 year, 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Won't have to worry about car bills for quite a while. I hope to hear soon.

I've been so stressed about about the car situation. I go on vacation in 3 weeks and I must have a reliable automobile!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day!
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Sounds like Bobby had an exciting morning!

I've actually been somewhat busy this morning, which has been nice. I only have 1/2 hour before I get to go home for the day.

Since it's Trent's birthday, and Ophelia's by default, we have to do some kitten shopping today. :birthday: The sad thing is, they are actually pretty hard to shop for! They are very picky with wet food and treats, many of the toys we have bought collect dust...
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I did laundry.....waaaaaaaaaaaa

BUT good news....I'm going out tonight to see my Uncle Gregg play at a really hott spot tonight. What ever shall I wear?

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I spent the day shopping, which I hate to do. My daughter is leaving Monday for band camp for a week and had to have stuff for that. We went school clothes shopping the other day and bought some things that didnt fit and I had to go exchange them and look for mesh backpacks, they will only let them have mesh or see through backpacks at school and they are so hard to find. I got one though!! I am done shopping for school stuff now, thank goodness. I came home and basically have done nothing the rest of the evening. I spent yesterday at the vet with my daughters kitten, Tibby, and another one that they have that has diarrhea, and she put them on Flagyl and Probiocin (just for one day for the Probiocin) and hoping it works. So far so good for today, no messes in the litter box at all today, maybe its working. I think Im just gonna sit here and do nothing till bedtime tonite and then worry about what else needs doing tomorrow! All the kitties are fed and happy so I will just sit at the computer for the rest of today!
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Hey, Jellybelly, Folger's makes the world's worst coffee. Do you have Kroger's, in Texas? If so, try their store brand gourmet French roast. We only pay $4.99 for a 3-lb can and its good! Their Colonbian isn't bad, either. They have little cans, if you just want to try it out. Chase & Sanborn is good, too.
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my Friday started at 4:00 am, got my shower to get woke up, or just forget the day, then i went through my routine, then off to work i went, i helped make 16,955 cases of pizzas today, and thats jsut 1 line we have 4, lots of pizzas, its really interesting to watch them be made. then i ran some errands, had to get cat food, cant forget that. then i came home and took blackie a walk, and went to see my parents then back home and now im here, very exciting day huh
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