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This is just getting really frustrating. Since I took in Ivo (2 years ago this October), we've been fighting a roundworm infestation that just won't go away.

When I came home from work today, I found two vomit piles. One was just food, mucous and liquid. The other had about 4 roundworms in it. And when I cleaned her litterbox today, I saw obvious worms in her poop-I've stopped really looking since it seemed like we had beaten the roundworms, but she hasn't had obvious worms for months.

The last time she was treated was 6-8 months ago, with a treatment schedule that went over several weeks. I've tried Drontal and Advantage and many other pills (I've been trying to find her vet records-I get a printout every time we see the vet but I think I've stored them away in the black hole-my records trunk). She doesn't go outside, she doesn't have fleas, my apartment and her litter box have been thoroughly cleaned many times since her last treatment. Although the worms don't seem to be bothering her (she's eating, drinking and pooping good, affectionate and playful), I don't like coming home to worms and I'm sure she doesn't feel entirely right when she has them.

I'm calling the vet (again!) tomorrow to set up an appointment or get (more) medication. Has anyone else had this problem? I really like my vet-it's a cat-only practice, and they have tried their best to combat this problem, but we are obviously missing something here.