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sponge bob

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does anyone here watch sponge bob square pants? i just love it, its so funny, i like patrick, he is a snail that sounds like a cat, it is on the nickalodion channel(spelled wrong im sure, sound it out ) if you havent you should watch if you get that channel, im not much on cartoon type shows but this one is retty good, hes a big hit here
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sorry about this, i meant to say i like Gary not patrick, gary is the snail, pat is a star fish.
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I've seen sponge bob in stores and stuff and have always wondered what the attraction is! Scary! Maybe I should watch it sometime!
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I love spongebob!!!!

Spongebob, invader zim, dextor's laboratory, evil & grim ... and Samurai Jack!!!!
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Spongebob rocks!!!!! I love that I can think its hilarious, but still watch it with my kids. I'm a huge Simpsons fan too, but the kids aren't allowed to watch it.
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glad to hear that there are some spongebob fans here hope theres more, gary and sponge bob is my favorites.
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I've got a soft spot for Patrick
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I love the humor on Spongebob!
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SpongeBob grew on me... the cartoon is really funny!
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I can honestly say I've never watched it! I've heard it's a good cartoon. It's gotta be better than some of those that are out now. You just can't convince me that the Teletubbies were educational!
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Originally posted by Shell
.........You just can't convince me that the Teletubbies were educational!
ROTFL!! Ditto, Shell!
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Another Spounge Bob Watcher here.... My fave characters are Plankton, Squidward, Patrick Starfish, Sandy squirrel, and Spounge Bob of course.
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WE LOVE SPONGE BOB AT OUR HOUSE! Patrick is the best! And I secretly have a crush on sponge bob...he's so cute!
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I LOVE spongebob. My favorite character has to be Gary, he's just so cute and I love his little meow.
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I watch Sponge Bob with the kids, but prefer the message they get from Samuri Jack.

I would like Sponge Bob better if he could think, even a little.
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I love Spongebob, but Patrick reminds me of my future son-in-law.
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Originally posted by DragonLady

I would like Sponge Bob better if he could think, even a little. [/b]
LOL! sponge bob rules and Samurai Jack is good also, and Dexter's Lab!!! Man, I miss not having Cartoon Network
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Timely thread. I never knew who Sponge Bob was before yesterday. My animator sent me this envelope with him on the back. I thought they were just some silly cheese stickers she had, and decided to draw pants on for one of them. She told me about the cartoon though. I wonder if they also thought of calling him "cheese face" . I saw him on an icecream container when I was grocery shopping today and now this thread. I don't have cable though, so I probably won't see the cartoon any time soon.
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Are ye ready kids?
--Ai-ie Caption
I can't here ye......
Are ye ready kids?
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
--Spongebob Squarepants
Yellow, absorbant, and pourous is he;
--Spongebob Squarepants
His nauticail nonsense be something ye wish;
--Spongebob Squarepants
Now drop on the deck and flop like a fish!
--SBSP, SBSP, SBSP,S---B S----P.
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Ever since I read this thread last night, I have had the Spongebob song going through my head! Then, THERE IT IS!!!!
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very good 55Dali, i still cant get all of it yet, i get that song in my head sometimes and cant get it out glad to see all these sponge bob fans here, they are so funny
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forgot to say, i think they have this on vhs tape and dvd, so if you dont have cable you still can watch
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Wow, that's weird. Now I see SpongeBob ads at the bottom of the page.
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