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Stray cat help

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After being on this site for almost a year, I feel kind of dumb asking these questions but I know how wonderful everyone is with suggestions.

A stray cat appeared at our door 3 days ago. She's absolutely gorgeous & has the bluest eyes, but I'm afraid she's starving to death. I honestly haven't ever seen such a skinny kitty in my entire life. Last night was the first night I had seen her (the other times she came around my Mom seen her) on our front porch curled up on an old chair. She was there when I got home from work and couldn't help but check her out on my way to the front door. She purred and mewed, rubbed up against me and begged me to take her inside. I knew that I couldn't take her in even though I desperately wanted to. I brought out a bowl of wet food and cold water for her. She scarfed it down like it was nothing at all! I sat out there with her and I checked her over for absesses, cuts and the whole works. I only found an old scar behind her ear. While I was outside with her, two little kids about 5 or 6 years old were riding their bikes on the sidewalk. One yelled out "Hey, there's Gizmo!". I asked if she was their kitty and they said yes. They live only 2 houses down from me and are strange people. Just last week, the parents were reported as neglecting their kids...what great parents and animal owners!

So, here's the questions. My parents (whom I'm living with for a couple more months) threw a fit when I told them I fed it. They know that I can't turn my back on a helpless cat, but they are upset because the cat won't leave our property. Honestly, I can't afford to take her to the Vet but having been asking around at work if someone would like a kitty. Unfortunately, no takers yet. I'm not really sure what do. I know that the owners don't care about this kitty. I can tell by how bad of shape she is in. She's got yellow goobers in her eyes and is massively hungry. Obviously her owners are not feeding her. I didn't see any red and swollen nipples, so I'm assuming that she hasn't had kittens resently. God only knows if she's pregnant now, but she's so skinny she can't be very far along if she is.

Should I keep feeding her? Should I ask the owners about this cat? My heart tells me to feed her and water her, but I know I'm going to catch hell from my folks. If this was my place I'd do it with out thinking. Should I call the nearest Humane Society and ask if they'd take her? I don't want this kitty to be put down, so I'm very leary about doing that.
Sorry for such a long post and the dumb questions. I'm not sure what I can do to help her?
Any ideas or suggestions?
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I have gone through this a few times in my life. This is what I do, first ask your self, how are you going to feel if you don't feed the cat? Bad I'm sure. Feed the cat...please. I know it's your parents home and they might not be happy about it but tell them your heart can't let it suffer like that and you will also call the Humane Society to see what can be done for this cat. But call the Humane Society and tell them whats going on with the people that own the cat, see what they tell you. If push comes to shove, take the cat into the shelter. You can't let it live like that, she need a vet's care and a GOOD home. People like that shouldn't even have a pet.

Honestly, I want to say just grab up the cat and take her into the shelter now. But knowing that that cat does have a home, sort of, I hate for you to get into any trouble for taken a cat. If you do decide to take her in.....just tell them it's a stray and you have know idea about it's home. I hate telling someone to lie but I don't want you to get into any trouble for stealing a cat.

As for asking the owners about the cat....don't really know it could go many ways. Most likely they won't care what you have to say, I mean they don't care about cat so why should they care if you talk to them. Of course they might just tell you to take the cat sense they don't care about it. Go feel them out, ask them "Do you mind If I feed your cat?" Their answer should give you a feel for them and what more you might need to do.

Good luck to you
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HUMANE SOCIETY! Report the owners!!!
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I agree you should feed this poor creature. Maybe you could find an out of the way spot, so you might not have to get a lot of grief about it from your folks or the owners. If you can find a spot like that, maybe she will stay near it, and those people may think she ran away. In the meantime, you could continue to try to find a better situation for her. Maybe you could ask your vet if he knows of someone that can foster her until a furever home can be found. I wouldn't normally suggest sneaking around or stealing, but this poor baby's life could depend on it. Bless you for helping this baby.
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No sign of her today. It was brutally hot here. 105 degree! I just pray that she's hiding in a cool and shady place. I'll leave some food and water out for her.

Thanks everyone! I'm going to call the Humane Society and see if they could take her. So far, no one seems to want a cat around here.
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