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Cauliflower Ear

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Hello Dear Friends,

I am thinking about adopting a Persian cat from the Humane Society. The poor little thing has a cauliflower ear. I’m trying to learn more about this condition. I understand it is the result of a hematoma that was left untreated. They have told me that the ear will need to be cleaned every few days and that surgery is not an option. I’m not concerned at all about the cosmetics of the ear, I’m just trying to figure out what I’d be dealing with and I'm also wondering if this poor girl is in any pain. They are not certain how long ago the hematoma occurred, but probably several years or more. I understand that hematomas can be very painful when they first happen, but not sure about the pain factor once it is healed up. Any idea?

Any info anyone should have about this condition would be greatly appreciated. I already have 2 Persians at home, so I know what a handful they can be, but this “Cauliflower Ear†is completely new to me.
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I've had two now with varying levels of cauliflower ear - Cotton and Sybil.

In Cotton's case, the ear curled outwards so only thing we had to watch was that the circulation in his ears wasn't very good, so he was at a greater risk of frostbite (moot point since he never went outside). The ear never hurt him and he was really good about letting us handle it and clean it.

For Sybil, the ear is actually curled over itself, so we definitley have to clean it once every 3-4 days. The vet also mentioed that it could be easier for her to get ear infections because of how it's curled, but again, no pain.

As far as I know, cauliflower ear is just scar tissue.
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Thank you so much for your reply. I feel much better, I just wasn't sure if it actually caused any pain. It is my understanding as well that it is just scar tissue. This little babies ear is curled under. It looks like a big lump. It's very hard to even see inside the canal unless you pull it up a bit. I'm assuming that the reason it needs to be cleaned out every few days is because they can't lick it to clean it themselves?
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Sounds like Sybil - her ear is curled under against her head and you can't even see into it unless you lift it up
Yes, it does have to be cleaned because they can't get to it themselves. Also, because the curl creates a closed area, it's more likely to trap and build up gunk. I've found you also have to be a bit careful about infections, because the closed area can trap dampness and result in bacteria...another reason for regular cleaning.
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