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Hello from PEI

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Just thought I'd introduce myself! My name is Christine and I am from PEI, Canada. I currently have 9 (!!) barn kitties (every one of 'em strays):

Mom was my first, partially feral, she just showed up to catch mice, and she was so thin...so we fed her

Next is Scaredy, and like her name implies, she's terrified of everyone.

Following are Callie and Dimitri, these two were abandoned in my friends apartement building...and of course she called me to come and get my "new kittens".

Next are the wild orange ones, they're Mom's remaining litter (the other was eaten by a raccoon, who was promptly hit by a car...whoever said that what goes around comes around was right!) and are very wild, but cute.

Next is a small black shorthair female who just appeared this week, and (I think) her two kittens a fluffy grey guy, and a striped black female. They're terrified of being picked up, but love to be petted. I don't think they had a good start in life, and someone was "kind" enough to drop them off in the middle of the night.

I also have a 5 year old American Cocker Spaniel named Bailey, she likes the cats as long as they don't go near her food!

I'm also in the process of trying to find a reputable Ragdoll cat breeder in my area. I want an indoor only cat, as any indoor/outdoor cat I've ever had has mysteriously disappeared.

Anyway I look forward to talking with you all, and I'll end this before it becomes a novel.

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Welcome to the site Christine! Sounds like you have a whole barnful of feral kitties. Be sure to check out the Feral Colony Forum, since we may be able to help you with socializing these little ones.
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hi and welcome to the board, sounds like you have quite a group, thats nice you givem a place to call home, there are so many forum here, checkem out, happy posting
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Hi there, fellow Maritimer I'm from southern Nova Scotia. Hope you enjoy your stay here- the more Canucks the merrier
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Welcome to the site! Got pics? We are a very visual bunch around here! Make sure you make it over to the lounge soon. It's a fun place to be!
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Just wanted to welcome you to the board! Hope you enjoy your time here. Oh, and post pictures of your babies if you can... we love pictures.
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Welcome to TCS, Christine !
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Thanks for the welcome! I'm looking to add to my kitty family too...although this one is going to be indoor only (I just lost my last indoor/outdoor kitty; Ed...he went out one morning two weeks ago and never came back ). So, I'm ragdoll kitten hunting.

Here's the only picture of one of my kittys I have on my hd...I have more in my camera waiting to be developed! This is Dimitri, sleeping comfortably under the lounger on the deck.
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Oh, she is soooo sweet!
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Dimitri, is just the cutest cat in the world apart from my cats Willow & Otis, who I don't have pictures of yet.
Welcome to the board
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Yeah he's a cutie alright I used to think that out of him and his sister (Callie) that he'd be the troublemaker...not so! Callie quickly figured out how to get in the house via dog door and taught Dimitri how to do it! She's now made herself and indoor/outdoor kitty (never mind that my foster brother decided that she is "his" cat!). Dimitri comes in sometimes to sleep, but he likes to be out, terrorizing the plants in my mother's garden!
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OooOooOOoOoOo What a cutiepatootie!

Welcome to TCS!
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Aww she's sweet. Did you find a new kitty yet?
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No, no new kitty yet. Although I have found two breeders in Ontairo that sound promising. Looks like it'll be late fall (earliest) before I get the new indoor-only kitten. But I don't mind waiting
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