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Senior food

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I was wondering when a cat should be fed the senior food. I saw a bag of cat food the other day and it said for cats 7+. My cat is six, so she isn't there yet, but I thought that 7 was still a bit young. I thought you don't start feeding senior food until they are at least ten. I'm not sure. The brand was Science Diet, so I've heard it was a good bvrand, but is it really neccessary to feed senior food when they are less than ten?
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It's always been my understanding that cats became seniors at the age of 7. My seniors are 16 and 14, but I don't feed them senior food. Mostly because the 14yo won't eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING except Purina Cat Chow. If I mix his chow with another brand of dry food, he picks out the chow and leaves the rest. What a waste.
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Hmm, sounds like your cat knows what he wants and gets what he wants. I really didn't know what age cats become seniors. Is it really seven?
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My oldest cat is 6 1/2yrs old but I have no intention of switching him to a senior formula as long as he continues to do well on what he is eating now. Ask your vet at your next visit what his thoughts are.
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I'm not too sure but I seen on some catfood that said 7+ for senior and I always thought that it was 10 and over. I don't think it would hurt to feed it adult food until your kitty turns 10. I brought senior food by mistake for my kitties and they are only young but It doesn't hurt them. Feeding senior food is easier on the cat but you can ask your veterinarian for their opinion.
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I agree, I think the cat's diet should depend on his needs. If he acts like a senior, feed him senior, if he acts like a young adult, then feed him adult. I think it is important to match the food to the cat and his activity level. Geriatric cats (like mine) who lay around and sleep 20 hours a day should probably receive a senior formula because they don't need the extra calories that contribute to unhealthy weight. Though I would prefer to feed my old man-cat a senior diet, he refuses to eat anything except the Purina Cat Chow.

Young cats are active so they need a higher calorie food. Kittens also need a special diet that's designed to provide them the nutrient's needed to fuel a rapidly growing body.

I found this article on this site

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I'm in the proccess of switching foods, but I'm switching to the Royal Canin adult food. They have mature being 10-15 and senior food being 15+. I guess I'll just switch then. She doesn't act like a senior at all. She will still play with the laser pointer, and rip up her paper bags. She doesn't seem old at all. Thanks for all the replies.
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