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Punitive Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

Article 114--Dueling

4.40.1 a. Text.

"Any person subject to this chapter who fights or promotes, or is concerned in or connives at fighting a duel, or who, having knowledge of a challenge sent or about to be sent, fails to report the fact promptly to the proper authority, shall be punished as a court-martial may direct."


4.40.2 b. Elements.
(1) Dueling.

(a) That the accused fought another person with deadly weapons;

(b) That the combat was for private reasons; and

(c) That the combat was by prior agreement.

(2) Promoting a duel.

(a) That the accused promoted a duel between certain persons; and

(b) That the accused did so in a certain manner.

(3) Conniving at fighting a duel.

(a) That certain persons intended to and were about to engage in a duel;

(b) That the accused had knowledge of the planned duel; and

(c) That the accused connived at the fighting of the duel in a certain manner.

(4) Failure to report a duel.

(a) That a challenge to fight a duel had been sent or was about to be sent;

(b) That the accused had knowledge of this challenge; and

(c) That the accused failed to report this fact promptly to proper authority.


4.40.3 c. Explanation.
(1) Duel. A duel is combat between two persons for private reasons fought with deadly weapons by prior agreement.

(2) Promoting a duel. Urging or taunting another to challenge or to accept a challenge to duel, acting as a second or as carrier of a challenge or acceptance, or otherwise furthering or contributing to the fighting of a duel are examples of promoting a duel.

(3) Conniving at fighting a duel. Anyone who has knowledge that steps are being taken or have been taken toward arranging or fighting a duel and who fails to take reasonable preventive action thereby connives at the fighting of a duel.


4.40.4 d. Lesser included offense.
Article 80--attempts


4.40.5 e. Maximum punishment.
For all Article 114 offenses: dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 1 year.


4.40.6 f. Sample specifications.
(1) Dueling.

In that __________ (personal jurisdiction data) (and __________ ), did, (at/on board--location) (subject-matter jurisdiction data, if required), on or about __________ 19 __________ , fight a duel (with __________ ), using as weapons therefor (pistols) (swords) ( __________ ).

(2) Promoting a duel.

In that __________ (personal jurisdiction data), did, (at/on board--location) (subject-matter jurisdiction data, if required), on or about __________ 19 __________ , promote a duel between __________ and __________ by (telling said __________ he/she would be a coward if he/she failed to challenge said __________ to a duel) (knowingly carrying from said __________ to said __________ a challenge to fight a duel).

(3) Conniving at fighting a duel.

In that __________ (personal jurisdiction data), having knowledge that __________ and __________ were about to engage in a duel, did (at/on board--location) (subject-matter jurisdiction data, if required), on or about __________ 19 __________ , connive at the fighting of said duel by (failing to take reasonable preventive action) ( __________ ).

(4) Failure to report a duel.

In that __________ (personal jurisdiction data), having knowledge that a challenge to fight a duel (had been sent) (was about to be sent) by __________ to __________ , did, (at/on board--location) (subject-matter jurisdiction data, if required), on or about __________ 19 __________ fail to report that fact promptly to the proper authority.

Information from Manual for Courts Martial (MCM) 1998

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Mr. Cat.....
Where do you come up with this stuff?
I think we should start a thread about you and your ability to keep everyone wondering what will come next!
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I sure hope you have liability insurance because I think I broke something falling off this chair laughing. :LOL:

Take all the crowns. I quit! :egypt:
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On my last trip to Alaska to be with Mike, one evening he was acting mighty strange. He kept glancing at me and smiling this really strange little smile. Like he was enjoying the joke or something. We had spent 2 weeks together and it was Christmas and snowing like a son of a gun. In the morning when I woke up, he had been up for hours and had packed a nice picnic lunch??? Now, it was snowing really hard and he wanted me to go with him on a picnic! LOL He told me we were going to Tern Lake and his youngest son Dennis who lived with him, was smiling really strange too, and I knew something was up. We had been discussing all sorts of things on this trip. God, children, finances, security everything but marriage. So off we go, and we get there and he breaks open the picnic basket and it is stuffed with wonderful goodies. I knew something was up, and I was just waiting for him to pop the question. BUT, he didn't, and I was leaving that evening for home. We stayed out there for quite awhile in the car in the snow..LOL And he didn't say anything about marrying me. I was crushed and mad at myself for expecting it. He is 17 years older than me, so at the time, I figured he had decided the age factor was to much. We went home, and I packed for the airport. Before he put me on the plane he told me that we both needed to "take a break" and he wanted us both to pray and figure out where we were headed.He wanted us to not communicate in any way for a month, and just think about our lives. Hmmmm- as the plane took off, I was in tears thinking I would never see this gentle man again.

I get home to my apartment and my phone is ringing. It is Mike and he said he could no longer live without me in his life daily, and would I marry him? The doofus! LOL I started yelling at him asking him why in the world didn't he propose to me when we were at the lake? He told me, because he knew I expected it, and this way, I didn't expect it! I did say yes, after crying a lot and he expressed mailed my ring the next day. He had made it special for me. My ring is in two sections, it is as the engagement part, a diamond and an emerald. The band is gold-nuggeted. The wedding band fits like a puzzle to the ring and it has his birthstone amethyst on it. The significance after were married, according to how he designed and built this was that the diamond was representative of God, and we were the stones, so we were together with God. I still think he would of had a better reaction if he had proposed to me that night at the lake. But hey, he is always so full of surprises.
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That add-on to the story was the best! And I might add, there goes another happy couple with a "significant" age difference.

Take that, Connecticut!
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Speaking of age differences <snicker> - I'm the older women in my husbands life1 A whole 5 weeks older! :laughing:

I also was a teenage stalker - I fell in love with him at the ripe old age of 14. Took classes so that I could be in the same class, bike rode past his house, bike rode to school (and it was quite the ride) so I could get their early like he did, took the long way to classes so I'd walk past him . How could he stand me?! About a year later he finally noticed me and asked me out - now he can't get rid of me . He tells me now that he liked me about the same time frame but didn't think I liked him . We got engaged at 16.

Our parents didn't want us to get married too young and suggested we date - but finally gave up when we turned 20. 6 years later and we are even happier, well I am - and I'm pretty sure he is , than ever.

Heather V. Havel
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LOL I miss a bunch of stuff while I am at work! Oh and Deb...re do your Math for me.
Ken and I have DSL. Ken has built a computer for all 3 of us. Ken and I share the office with our mother cats and new kittens. We can be online at the same time. However I have a nice desk with a hutch and so we can't really see each other LOL
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What a cool set-up. I'm getting a visual of Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy in "Pretty in Pink" when they were talking to each other via computer.

Don't even say DSL in front of me. I am still experiencing withdrawal from my cable modem. I can't even go to the threads with a lot of pictures anymore because I'll die waiting for them to download with this grrr dial-up.

me + dial-up =
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