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How we met...........

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On July 8th - my husband and I celebrete our 25th wedding anniversary. I got to thiking about how we first met and thought it would be fun to hear about how other people met their significant other.(or one true love.) so........let's hear about it!

We met in college - I was working at the student union desk and he was in the student bar - There was a concert going on with Chubby Checker was performing. All the suudden I was presented with an autograph. Only after receiving about 5 others, I realized my future hubby was forging them to have a reason to visit with me!
(I still have them stored away!)
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I was working in a Drive_up bank as a teller. And my husband was moonlighting as a Brinks carrier on the side(His real job is a Fire Captain on a local paid village fire department)He came to deliver a shipment of cash and was interested.It just so happened his coworkers wife also worked with me and he went through her to find out about me. The rest is history, we've been married for 7 years.
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I met my husband on a blind date. My friend Gail met this guy Chris at Waterford Speedbowl (dirt race track) and they started dating. Well, I hadn't talked to Gail in months but I called her out of the blue and she told me about Chris. I asked her if Chris had any friends and they introduced my to Jerry. We went on a blind date June 17, 1990. Well two weeks later Chris and Gail broke up and Jerry and I have been together ever since. We had a long distance relationship for three years where we only saw each other on weekends. We have been together 11 years and on June 6th we celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary. I believe it was destiny and Jerry is the most wonderful man in the world.

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Almost 20 years ago, his friends dared him to write an ad for a female friend, he sent it to The National Singles Register, a paper that circulated nation-wide. He lived in Alaska then. Across the ocean in Southern California at my "Thank God You are Divorced Party" My friends dared me to answer his ad! I had never done such a thing in my life, but I promised them I would, and about a month later I finally did. Mike got 356 letters, and narrowed those down to three. I was one of the three. One lady who was older than me, turned out to have 9 kids and wasn't going to tell him, but he found out. He dropped her, not because he doesn't like kids, he loves them and is really good with them, but because he despises dishonesty. The other lady wanted him to pack it all in and live with the wolves with her, but he decided that wasn't what he wanted out of life. We wrote for over 4 years, I met him twice and he proposed to me over the phone of all things! LOL We had our 14 anniversary this year.
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Oh, by all means, keep these stories coming! This is better than Ann Landers!
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My husband, Doug, and I met at college on my 21st birthday. We were having just a small get together for cake, and he came over with one of my friends. I thought he was SO cute! I told my friend Dave, who Doug came with, and Dave told me not to waste my time. Doug was the president of his fraternity and only dated sorority girls. In other words, he was a terrible snob. Over the next 2 years, Doug started haning out with our group, we became friends, and then started dating. We dated for 3 months, got engaged for 3 months, and have been married now almost 10 years.
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My how-we-met story is in a post in the "goals" thread. I love this thread--I'm an ol' mushy romantic.
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What a nice thread...

I was a young officer in the planning branch, when a dashing young Captain joined our unit. We were 5-6 women officers of my age serving at the same unit and I suspect most of them fancied him... He was the shy type, very friendly and gallant but would never dare to make a move on a fellow officer. Well, I figured this was too good too miss and asked him out for a movie. When I asked him, I made it sound all chummy, but then I showed up wearing a short tight mini-skirt and a sexy top (mind you I am very tall and was very slim at the time - pretty much your average super-model figure ). That pretty much drove the point home I think. The next time, he was the one to ask me out on a proper date :goodbad:

I later found out that he has been attracted to me out of all the girls for some time but never dared to show it... He declared his undying love within 4 days and we were discussing names for our kids a week later (which was when he introduced me to his family...). We've been together for 5.5 years now and we seem to be getting happier together by the day!

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One night I was relaxing in a community jaccuzzi at a friends apartment complex. There was a quiet good looking guy in there with us. I am very shy so said nothing. During the evening I had told my friend that I thought he was very attractive. When I got out to take a quick swim in the pool, she had told him what I thought. We started talking and I asked if he would like to go to Magic Mountain with us. He of course said yes. Mind you this was 4 days away still. During that time he found out I was only 16 and he was 29. He cancelled the date. After much thought, he decided to call me back and invite me out. We dated for 2 years, which were pretty bumpy with friends and family members because of the age difference. We have now been married for 8 years and together for 10
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I agree with Deb25; this thread is "Better than Ann Landers" And with AlexNell I believe that"Hope springs eternal"
AlexNell lists it as one of her GOALS (she is a lot younger than I am)
At this point I list only one pre-requesite. . . .
That he be able to jump-start his own pacemaker!
and must "Like Cats"
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My husband's buddy set us up on a blind date that neither one of us wanted to go on!!!

Here we are 23 years, and 2 kids later!

Great thread!
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I had driven to florida with my roommate & we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner. I was wearing a radio station t-shirt. we were sat down catty-corner to a table of 3 guys. One of them asked me if I was from Spokane WA, since that's where my t-shirt was from. I said no. they ended up all moving to the table right next to us & talking to us all during dinner. the cutest one told me that he was moving to Washington DC in a few months. I told him I lived near there, gave him my number & told him to call me when he came to town. that was 4 years ago in May, and we will celebrate our 4 year anniversary on July 4th.

that's why my cats names are Cracker & Barrel.
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2 good stories for the price of one!
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All stories are just so sweet!! Keep them coming please, it's a wonderful thread and it is such a pleasure to read your wonderful stories!!!
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I love hearing stories like those!! Wish I had one of my own. Unfortunately I don't. But maybe soon!! Our newspaper has a series going called "Love Stories". Rene and Clint Knapp were the first ones in it in yesterday's paper. When I get to work, I'll post it so everyone can read it. They are truly a unique couple with something very special. That's why I suggested them. They fit together like a puzzle.

BTW, I also suggested Sandie and Ken but the editor thought it would bring in too many complaints about the age difference and all. We've got some real prudes in Connecticut. Sorry guys.

Michele, I've suggested you and Jerry as well. I'll know today whether or not they'll be calling you. I'll keep you posted.
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Thanks Donna! It would be great if they did. I really think Jerry and I were meant to be. I don't know if anyone saw the episode of Friends when Phoebe was talking about lobsters and how that mate for life. Well I always said Jerry is my lobster!
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I can't believe the editor took issue with the age difference! My grandparents were 15 years apart in age! My former love of life was 15 years younger than me, as well.
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I agree with you about the age difference. It definately does NOT make a difference (especially in Sandie and Ken's case) but living in CT I know what Donna is talking about. People need to stop worrying about stupid things like that and worry about important things!
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It's not so much the age difference, but "what is a 29 year old man doing with a minor 16 year old girl??" Believe me, we'd never hear the end of it. Like I said, too many prudes in Connecticut. Especially the older generation.

Michele, I checked with the editor and she passed on it. Sorry. Hey, I tried.
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Thanks anyway!
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Yeah, but .. I swear... I didn't touch her till she was 18!!
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Oh, sure you didn't, Ken!

Anyway, I don't know what the big deal is: You're not STILL 16, are you Sandie? If I am somehow wrong about this, then it can only be that housecleaning is the eternal fountain of youth, which means I'd better go grab my mop and vacuum!
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LOL you are too funny Deb

I would say how old I am now but it would be too easy for everyone to figure out how old Ken is now
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Im thinking you already did that babe....

Ya know how old I was when we met.. howlong we've been together...

yada yada yada...

Adn ummm Deb..... As much as she cleans, one would think it is indeed the fountain of youth... Not that im complaining mind you... I would nevah, evah (for ya'll rhode island folks) do that..

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You're right, Ken. Even I can manage to add 10 without breaking out the calculator. Don't sweat it, Sandie. He hasn't even hit the big 4-0 yet.

How is it that the 2 of you are posting simultaneously? Signing in and out, or do you have dueling computers going up there?
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Deb25; I LOVE the mental image of Ken and Sandie with "Dueling Computers"

I'm sure Mr.Cat can "surf around" and find us an image to accompany your statement! LOL

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Mr. Cat could find an image of Eskimos roasting marshmallows if you dared him to.
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An Eskimo
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Members of The Cat Site awaiting the arrival of the Eskimo and the marshmallows.
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