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Raw potatoes...

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So Buddy has a new habit...eating raw potatoes. I'm not sure if this is really bad for him...but he steals them and eats at least half of one if we don't catch him. We've put the potatoes in extra bags and into the cupboards..he learned quickly to open we put spoons and stuff through the handles thinking it might be too challenging but of course he can still open them JUST enough to get partially in there and steal them (he chews right through the bags)...I'm guessing we are going to have to get the child lock things for the cupboards, but really? RAW potatoes? I'm going to try putting them in the top cupboards but should I really be worried about this? Could they make him ill?
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Skin on, yes. While a gently handled fresher dug potato's skin won't be as toxic... well, your store bought potato is none of those. The more it's bumped around the more toxic the skin become (ever see how green some are?).

In short, don't let him get any more potatoes. Look into getting a nice potato bin or put them in the fridge.
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I would wonder if he is looking for some nutrient that he needs?
From the info I came up with, looks like Potassium, especially in the potato skin, is the key nutrient in a raw potato.

Potassium – Good source of, contains or provides potassium. Cannot say excellent source of, high or rich in potassium. Must mention the inclusion of potato skin (e.g., “skin-on potatoes are a good source of potassium”).

- Potatoes rank highest for potassium content among the top 20 most frequently consumed raw vegetables and the top 20 most frequently consumed raw fruits (Source: DHHS FDA 21 CFR Part 101, Docket No. 2001N-0548, Food Labeling; Guidelines for Voluntary Nutrition Labeling of Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Fish; Correction)

Maybe he just likes to play, (he needs something to bite?) or maybe he's looking to provide his body with ? potassium???

I did a google, "do cats need potassium?", and this is the first page of results:

Search Results
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We do not know how much fiber dogs and cats need. .... In cats and dogs with oxalate bladder crystals, the addition of potassium citrate (300-500mg/day) ... - Cached - Similar
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Cats that are extremely weak and having breathing or heart problems will need to be hospitalized for intravenous potassium supplementation. Cats that do not ... - Cached
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Many cats with CRF do however prefer the dry kidney diets and it can be difficult to ... Additional potassium can be supplied to these cats as a powder or tablet. ... Most cats need once daily therapy to maintain normal blood pressure. ... - Cached - Similar
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