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Has anyone heard the story about the Klepto Cat??

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Apparently there's a black cat from Simi Valley, which is just North of Los Angeles, who goes around his neighborhood stealing things out of people's homes. His owner says he's seen him coming home with huge beach towels, nighties, underware, and a large assortment of other different articles, all belonging to the neighbors. They don't know why he's doing it, except they said it started after they got another pet, a Doberman.

Anyway, the owners have box they put in the front yard, where they place the cat's loot, so the neighbors can come by and claim it.

It's a big story on the news here in Los Angeles. I think it's hilarious, although I don't know if I'd want my undies being carried off.
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OMG that's hillarious! What a cat!
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Brings a whole new meaning to Cat Burgler.
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That is hilarious!
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LMAO !!!
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I just saw that story on CNN Headline News when I was home for lunch! Midnight (the cat's name) is famous!
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Too bad I can't train my Midnight to do stuff like that, but instead of going to the neighbors he could go to Target, Home Depot, WalMart....
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That would be nice Sue - and there is no way they could blame you - you cannot charge a cat with shoplifting.
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This is true! Hmm I have 15 potential felons here. About time they earned their keep!
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That's great!
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Too funny!
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We took in a feral cat seven years ago. He had been out on the streets for about 8 years, and was a real survivor. Although he got plenty to eat and had a warm place to sleep once we took him in, he brought us "presents" every day, usually in the form of bags of meat or lunch meat from the local supermarkets. I started asking around at the local supermarkets, and found out that Straycat was a real plague - he would hang around the parking lots, and steal bags while people were loading their cars. He had apparently survived that way for years. We also got guinea pigs, rabbits, and koi, etc. as "gifts". He was one smart cat. Last May, I came down in the morning and found that he had expired in our washer - his favorite place to sleep. He was a "problem cat" - wild and unapproachable, but I still miss him. He was very sociable - he often brought 6 - 8 cats home for breakfast, which was always an experience. He was one smart cat, so I'm not surprised that another cat is active as a "cat burglar".
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that is one funny story, i wish i could catch it on CNN, i bet its even funnier to watch the story, thanks for sharing
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Fred used to steal kittens from the neighbor's mama cat. He even stole a puppy once. He came home carrying it in his mouth like a mother would do.
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