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why does my friends cat sit with her tongue out?

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She seems very content and normal in every other way, but her tongue sticks out a little bit. She doesnt do it all the time either. One time when she was doing it, I touched her tongue and she licked my finger and then went back to relaxing with her eyes half closed, but she did put her tongue back in. Has any one ever seen their cat do this? Any idea why?

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I have no idea why but Peaches used to do it all the time when I first got her. Now she only does it when she's really scared and freaked out!
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lol that's cute
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OMG, Loki does that too, but only when he hits a yucky spot while cleaning. It's too funny.
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You mean like this? Trent doesn't do it often, just when he's really relaxed and happy. But I think it is SO cute when he does!!

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I've seen a cat do that. She usually did it when she was licking herself and got distracted by something interesting outside. She would look at it with her tongue sticking out. As soon as she didn't find it interesting anymore, she would either stick her tongue back in her mouth, or keep licking herself. It was funny to watch, but I haven't seen her do it in a while.
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When I was a little child, we used to have an old cat who used to do that. She always did it when she was content and relaxed.
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lol! Cute pics Val!
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Yup that the look !!!! - But Loki's is combine with a Yuck.. Boy would it be great to have camera handy when these things happen.
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Heidi, that is hilarious, because Romeo looks so much like Trent, and he does that all the time too. It was like I was looking at a picture of Romeo!

Funny tale: When the kittens were a few weeks old and Lil was still cleaning them up after they'd done their "business", she had just finished cleaning several kittens' butts and sat there with her tongue hanging halfway out of her mouth. It was like, "UGH! Get me something to drink!" We laughed and then got her a bowl of water, for which she was grateful.
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My cats do it too. I am not sure why, but I think it is adorable .
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yes my cats do it too!!! so cute, Grace does it almost constantly, the others do it now and again.
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Sillyvestra does that sometimes too!
Those pictures are too funny, Heidi!
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Thanks for all the great replies! The pictures of Zoey and Trent are great. Is Zoey yawning or really being wild?! That's incredible.
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that is so cute when they do that, my sister cat tina, and also my boys bio. mother,she does that all the time, i have touched it before and she sometimes just keeps it there, so funny.
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my cats do that too..they do that when they are sleeping's just so cute looking at them like that....
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Oh yes, my boys do it too...I think I have seen it most when they are really happy or really tired - Heidi I love the cute tongue pics - too sweet!

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Yup, my Suzy is often called "Little Miss Petal Tongue" for precisely this reason. And as others of you have noted, a light touch on the tongue often elicits a little lick, and the retraction of the tongue. It really is quite sweet.

I'd attach a picture, except that there aren't many of Suzy -- she being less than totally enamoured of the camera -- and this aspect of the little lady is not adequately captured.
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