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Removing ear mites in MY cat.

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I just read the article on ear mites ( The information it contained might be of use to some people, but I found it totally impracticle for at least two reasons.

First, I can't bring the cat to a vet. That might sound unreasonable to some people who live in an entirely different situation than I do. Nonetheless, it's a fact.

Second, my cat will not let anyone but me near her. (Long story.) However, even in my case, there's NO WAY I would be able to touch her in order to clean her ears and administer ear drops. (If I could get the ear drops without seeing a vet.)

With that said, does anybody have any practical suggestions of how to eliminate ear mites from a cat like mine?
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Well, the only thing you can do is try and get revolution. It's a topical that goes on like advantage. It kills ear mites as well as fleas ticks and intestinal parasites. However, if you can't clean the ears the poop and wax will be left in there. It will lead to serious infection that can cause deafness.
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Wal-Mart has miticide. I think the brand name is Tiny Tiger.

Have you thought about wrapping your cat in a towel while you administer medication and clean the ears? I know it sounds drastic, but sometimes getting the job done requires drastic measures.
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Sandie: I'll look for the product you suggest. As for the poop & wax, maybe there's a liquid cleaner I can use, and let the cat efect the debris by shaking her head?

alexnell: Ther's a Walmart down the street from me. Thanks. I think the towel would be shredded before I get her into it!

Thanks to you both. I really appreciate your replies.

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IMO the Tiny Tiger is worth about half a cent. Every person I have come across that uses it has a re infestation. There are ear rinses that you can buy at pet co and petsmart. The rinse you would want to keep up every day for about 10 days.
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My thanks again, Sandie. I have all your advice in a text file. First chance I get, I'll be doing some shopping.
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Sandie, thanks for the info on Tiny Tiger. I'd never used it myself, and now I won't. I just assumed a certain scatter-brained acquaintance of mine didn't follow directions when her cats weren't cured. Never thought it was faulty miticde. Oopsy.
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