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Question about my remaining cat??

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Hello again, 2 days and man my wife and I are still comming to grips with the loss of our 18 YO trusted friend, kinda more like an old lady in a cat suit, a wonderful friend and companion.

Now we have a younger 15 YO same breed himmalyan that is still looking around walls and doors for our old friend. They were not the closest of cats but they lived in the same loving home together for 15 years , Is this going to put stress on this cat or will she move on??

Anything we should do other than show care and love toward her??
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It has been proven that cats grieve, and like people they move through the grief process at their own pace. What really helps is just to tell your surviving cat what happened. I know that sounds ludicrous, but it really does work. When we lost Shredder his brother Kabota was inconsolable. I didn't know what to do, as there are so many cats here, he couldn't be lonely for feline company. Finally, one afternoon a friend of mine phoned, her name is Jody Hilker. Jody is an animal communicator. I was telling her about Kabota's state and she told me to just go to him and ask for permission to talk to him, and then just to tell him what happened. I thought she was nuts, but I did it, and after the telling was over, Kabota climbed up my chest and wrapped his paws around my neck and gave me his special hug. After that he was much better.

I can't explain it, because I don't understand it, but it worked. Here is a link if you would like to read about what Jody does:

Jody Hilker Animal Communicator
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Thanks hissy,

I have told the cat her friend companion or nemisis is gone and she now is the big dog/cat in the house. She looks up toward the stairs and yes seems to know something is different.

Thanks much, we will see..
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Cats understand a lot more than they are given credit for. I know that when we adopted Khepera, who had been in an abusive situation, before he met the other cats, I sat down with them and told them that he had had a bad home and no one to love him or spoil him. I told them that he would need some extra time and space, and to please be gentle with him.

Amazingly, they gave him plenty of space, let him do the approaching, and were very gentle with him. There were no fights, no kitty karate, nothing. Khepera did a little hissing, but the other cats ignored it.

Humans could take a lesson, perhaps.
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