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Cat Dancing???

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Anybody ever heard of this????
It has to be a joke?!

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Yeah, they are pretty serious about this stuff, i don't see what's so funny sicy, these are serious artists!

Hey sicy, do you tango with zoey? I tried dancing with my JB but he has a bit of a kittytreat belly so he can't move like he used
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OH yes me and Zoey Tango all the time.. She wont even let me pose her for a pic let alone DANCE with her!
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I've always danced with my cats, but it's been ball room dancing.
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Leo would dance with me occasionally. I would hold his paws in my hands, and he would stand on his hind legs and shake his bottom. It was hilarious, but if you laughed at him, he would get mad and pout. Fred likes me to hold him and dance around. He will hug me around the neck and purr in my ear.
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