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new cats fear of the BRUSH

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Hi everyone this is my 1st post here, actually just found this sight today. I have recently became the proud owner of a 1yr old shelter cat named Riley. He is adjusting well to the house as well as our 6 yr cat Lady D. He does have one problem, being a recent stray he is still very warry of being petted or brushed. He has long hair which I notice is already starting to matt. Any ideas on how to get him to sit still for the brush.
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Sit still, they do - sorry that dosen't work in my home either. I have to follow Loki around the house (hehehehe).

Anyway, one he is a newbee and maybe the brush looks too ominous. Try using a regular comb, maybe that's less threatening. Let him sniff it/ make friends with it before you use it. Leave it out so he can assess it. Give him treats / praise him for letting you brush him. You want to make it a good experience.

The first time you might only get in a few brushes. That's ok. Just be patient and slowly increase time.

Good luck and thanks for adopting Riley!!

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Matting can get to be a big mess, so watch the areas that start to mat. My cat has recently become afraid of her new brush. I'm working on getting her comforable with it.
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I raise Persians and I have found that using a comb is much better at removing mats and loose hair. The brush only smooths the fur on the top while it matts underneath.
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I recommend a Zoom Groom. Cats love it because it delivers a massage as well as helps with mats and pulling loose hair off them. All my ferals love to be groomed by it which is surprising in itself! I am completely sold on this product. But you also want to pay attention because diet plays a large part in the formation of mats and skin conditions. Royal Canin makes a special Hair and Coat Blend that works to stop matting as well.

Zoom Groom
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we have a zoom groom and i swear by it... I've been dying to recommend it too! It took them a while to get used to it, but they adore it as much as i do...
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Yippi been actually able to comb Riley a little. At least able to get a good couple of comb fulls out of him before he gets up & walks away now .
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Sam really really hates being brushed. I finally found that the zoom groom removes more hair than anything else I tried. So I stick to that. And I can bribe his to sit still, by feeding him treats while I am brushing him. But as soon as the treats are gone, he starts complaining, hissing and growling. I have been able to extend the time of each grooming session though, by taking longer between treats.
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