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A Thick Wall Maybe BUT !!

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I have a problem that i cannot work out for the life of me how to fix.. Our little kitty for the last month has been doing her poops up the wall... EwwWwwW i know..

She is using her litter tray, but she seems to be aiming too high if you get my drift.. Is there anything i can put on the wall to stop her from doing this, or is there any suggestions as to why she has only just started doing this??

She has never missed pooping in the whole litter tray before but lately half is on the wall and the other half is in the kitty litter tray??

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My first concern would be how clean is the litter box she is using? Also how big is it? I use those large slide trays that you put sweaters and stuff in then slide it under the bed to keep the clothes safe. Plenty big enough for my crew to use. I would suggest really looking at your litter box(es) to see if you need bigger, or even better maintained ones for her.

Also if you haven't taken her to the vet recently, a vet visit would be a good idea to rule out either parasites or something equally as uncomfortable causing her to move around in the box more than necessary.
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Heya Hissy thanks for the reply..

Okies the litter tray is cleaned out each day and she isn't a really big cat so the tray is plenty big enough for her.. We have another cat which is quite large and he doesn't seem to have a problem with his and it is the same size as hers, so we keep them constantly clean..

I gave them a worming tablet each about 3 weeks ago, however i agree with you on the parasite thing, i think it is a great idea to check it out so off to the vet we go on the weekend (or tomorrow night).. She is still eating and drinking and being spacko as normal so i am sure it is nothing to abnormal but i always like to get my cats checked for safety measures..

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I have the same problem with Fitz except that he stands up while he pees (he starts out squatting and then stands up halfway through). This wouldn't be a problem except I had a littermaid that now has pee all inside the motor and everything. I had to put a garbage bag on the wall and let it hang into the box to keep the pee off the wall and inside the litterbox. I finally got one of those self cleaning boxes that you roll and no more problem. His habits haven't changed but now I don't have to shampoo the carpet near his litterbox every day.
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I would introduce another litter pan into the room and see if that doesn't take care of the problem. Cats really don't like to share litter pans if they can help it.
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Well we took the our kitty to the vet and he just said change her diet and see if anything changes, if she dosen't then we have to give him a stool sample. In the past week she has not done anything out of the ordinary, and there seems to be no blood connected. The vet checked her out and she had nothing abnormal, no temp so she is healthy enough..

We will just keep an eye on the situation yet again and see how she goes.. We have a little sample bottle here anyway, so if we see something abnormal we can take the sample straight to the vet..

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Someone had posted a picture of a large storage box that they used for a litter box. They had cut a hole into the top of the box for the cats to enter and exit and were able to keep the litter in the box as well as any surprises. I thought it was a great idea!
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Mine will kick everything out of the litterbox, so when we moved, I kept some of the bigger boxes, cut them flat, and thumbtacked them to the wall next to the box. It keeps my walls clean, and is disposable.
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