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Recovery from Hepatic Lipidosis

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I am pleased to report this morning that Bleu weighed in at 12 pounds! That's a full pound gain since this time last week, for a total gain of 3 pounds since he started eating again. YeeHee!

Joyce doing happy dance ------------>
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Joyce I was serious about wanting this story for the website. If you can write it and submit it to me, if it is approved, we can put it on here in the next month or so, to inspire people!
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Hissy, you don't know what you're asking for when you ask me to write! LOL...I love to write, but I always figured that my writing bored people. I guess I could give it a go. I would love to share Bleu's success story.
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Go for it! Send it to maryanne@thecatsite.com when it is finished and we will see how it goes. I will be happy to help you if you need it- but I think this story could go a long way in helping others who will be in your place of despair someday and see hope on the other side!
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I remember the Bleu thread... SO glad to hear your kitty is doing better!!
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Thank you for asking about Bleu-boy. He seems to be doing well. He continues to eat and drink. He makes sure to let me know when his food dish is empty (sometimes the dog sneaks into the closet.) He shows more interest in what's going on around the house, coming out to the hallway to check the little ones and see what trouble they're into. He pretty much keeps himself isolated in the master bedroom area or the office room. But that's not wholly unusual.

I may take Bleu to the vet this week and have his liver enzymes and glucose checked. The only thing that concerns me about him right now is the way his eyes look. Well, the eyes themselves are clear and bright blue like they should be, but the eyelid rims don't look right. They are kind of a blueish-gray color. When he had his last lab test, his glucose was on the high side of normal. The vet thought it was likely from the stress of the FLD, but I plan to have it rechecked anyway. He may have mild diabetes.
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Must be going around. We went on vacation for a week and left our 3 cats in very good care. Gabby (MY cat before the marriage) was left alone with the two other cats which tolarate her but not friends.

Missing from Gabbys life were the humans and her best friend Blake (our Cardi Corgi (dog).

We came back and she looked a little thinner. Down from her 14 pounds. We were happy!!!!! After 3-4 days we noticed that she was not eating and losing weight.

I joined this forum and asked for opinions and went to the vet the next day. We were told about the above condition and given the option of force feeding by mouth or haveing a tube inserted and force feeding.

We took the easy route (LOL) and were forcing l/d food by mouth. 1 week later she lost another 2 pounds and was down to 8.5 and turning yellow (ears, mouth). NOT ENOUGH FOOD!

Saturday (26th) we had a tube incerted and now spend 2 hours a day feeding 4 times a day. It's tough and she vomits a little sometimes and is not happy. However - at least she is getting food.

During the feeding sessions, Blake (dog) will lay next to her and lick her head from time to time (either love or trying to get the extra food that drops LOL)

Doc visit in 3 days so I'll have an update.

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Rod I am sorry to hear about your cat. I am leaving a link to another cat board, where the webmistress is an expert in Hepatic Lipidosis. I encourage you to go there and post to Traci and ask her advice on this...

Good luck!

Cat-Help Online
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Joyce, I am so happy for you that Bleu's getting better!

Rod, please let us know how Gabby does. I'm sorry she's ill, and hope that she recovers quickly.
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