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"Do No Harm"

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This doctor is one I used to see on a regular basis. He got me addicted to stadol and phenegrin shots years ago. When I finally realized that I was addicted and I asked him to help me stop, he wouldn't! I ended up going off the stuff cold turkey- it wasn't fun either. But I did it! This was sent to me this morning, and well, it really doesn't surprise me, but it does dissapoint me.

Suspended doctor faces fraud, other charges
HOME SALE: Two are accused of falsifying the sale of a home.

Anchorage Daily News

(Published: July 23, 2003)
An Eagle River doctor has been accused of fraud and conspiracy in federal court less than a year after he had his license suspended by the Alaska State Medical Board.
Dr. Samuel Schurig and Delynn Brouillet, a loan officer for a mortgage corporation, were indicted by a federal grand jury last week on charges that they falsified the sale of a home to obtain a loan from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. They both face one charge of conspiracy and two charges of HUD fraud.
Schurig, 52, who worked at Eagle River Primary Care Clinic, had his license summarily suspended in October, and the state medical board upheld that suspension in February for another two years. A state investigation showed that Schurig had prescribed nearly 38,000 narcotics and pills to one patient from 1998 on and hid some of those pills in his office's trash bin and shed after he learned the patient's son was stealing the drugs.
According to the federal indictment, Schurig needed to pay off unspecified debts in January 2001. He tried to get a loan from a local bank but was turned down. So he asked a patient, who was addicted to drugs Schurig prescribed and was romantically involved with the doctor, to refinance her home, the indictment says. She couldn't get the refinancing, so instead Schurig arranged to fake the purchase of the patient's home. He applied to HUD to insure the loan he needed to buy the house, the indictment says.
Brouillet and Schurig falsified the paperwork for the sale, with Schurig saying he was going to use the Eagle River home as his primary residence, according to the indictment. Schurig obtained the loan, and then the patient gave him some of the money she received from the sale of her home, documents say.
Schurig and Brouillet each face a maximum of two years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each of the charges. Their arraignment is set for Aug. 21.
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Once a crook, always a crook.
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Maybe you can sue him for pain and suffering! (Kitties need a new condo!)
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When I was in high school one of our teachers asked us what careers we planned to follow. The most popular answer was "I want to be a doctor so I can make lots of money." NOT "I want to be a doctor so I can heal the sick and alleviate suffering." Hmmmmmm...
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It just goes to show that being well-educated and/or employed in a "caring" profession doesn't make you a moral person. At least his license has been revoked, so he won't be harming even more people.
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Mary Anne, I am sorry that this doctor did this to you.
But I am glad that his licence has been revoked and he cannot do this to any more people.
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Wow Tybalt that is sad. I am glad you got away from such a quack! They take the oath to do no harm and then I guess they just get a God Complex?
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Tybalt Nobody should go off xanex that way!you could have sued him!It is a drug you have to go ohh slow,I did it that way,and it still was hard,I cannot even think of going off it that way.
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