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Unraveling toilet paper

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I got a new book yesterday and it covers this issue. The author suggests that you make a cover of aluminum foil that fits over the roll and discourages paw activity.

Another suggestion was to balance a small paper cup full of water on the roll, so when the cat goes to play with the toilet paper, the cup falls and splashes on the cat.

A third suggestion was that you use a small can full of pennies that will make a noise to scare the cat away when it falls.
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That cup of water ides sounds great and very funny also
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My wife and I have had the same problem with one of our two cats. The female. She also bit it, so not only did it unroll, but it has little holes in it as well. Makes for fun use later on! *laughing*

What I did, which has worked, was to put the toilet paper roll on backwards. In other words, instead of it rolling forward, now it roll backwards. Now when she (the cat) goes to roll it down, it just spins!

Hope this helps...
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luckly my cats don't do this hopefully the kittens won't when they get tall enough!
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Jumping up and sitting on the toilet will help them get taller...just make sure you close the lid! Otherwise, kitty will have an instant bath...ours did and I haven't see her go back to unrolling the paper in a while....maybe another form of deter unwanted behavior...
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I tried putting the roll on backwards - but now I have huge holes in the roll, accompanied by big torn out clumps of paper on the floor! I think I might try the aluminum foil thing. Maybe that will work. Otherwise, I think hubby and I are doomed to TP Confetti!
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LOL!!! Max does this once in a while, but not with enough frequency that I have to resort to extreme measures. She prefers the texture of paper towels, actually If she finds a roll laying around, she must slay it by holding it with the front paws and kicking with the back, as well as biting it. Silly girl.
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We have used the can with coins idea for a variety of objectionable behaviors of Spike's. It only took a few times for him to realize that the can made a loud noise--which he does NOT like at all!! Now, if we don't want him to touch something, we leave the can with the coins right there--and guess what? He does NOT go near it!!!
This has been the best thing, as foil did not "Foil" his behaviors!
--Nor did just about anything else we thought up! There are VERY few things that bother my little Spikey--as he is FEARLESS, basically!! --But, the can with coins worked like a charm! I even went out and got a pretty little decorative can with a lid, as it sits out a lot, so I can grab it quickly, if I need it!
I rarely have to shake it--he sometimes just lies there looking at it like he just wants to beat that little can up!!
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That's a riot! Thanks for sharing...
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