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Putting all the important issues that come up all the time together in one thread. If your cat has a peeing/pooping problem, or if it scratches your furniture, or you, if you are wondering how to introduce new cats to resident cats, look in this thread.

Elimination Problems- Inappropriate urination

More Litter box Issues (Poop problems)

Stopping Cat Aggression

Scratching Issues

Introducing new cats to old

My cat is waking me up at night (or too early in the morning)

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Introducing Cats to Cats

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Cat aggression Toward People

Spraying - When Your Cat Uses Urine To Mark Territory

Cat Sounds - Feline Vocal Communication

Cat Play - The Rules of the Game

Cat Sleep - More Than Just a Catnap

Cats as Hunters

Cats and Night Crazies (keeping you up at night)

From renowned author Amy Shojai

Trick Tame Your Tabby

No Chase! Keep your Dog from Chasing your Cat

Find Behavior Help

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