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New Cat Owner

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Hello everyone!

I am a New and proud cat owner! Coming from a family where Dogs were the only pet allowed I grew up enjoying my dogs of all kinds. Then one day I fell in love with a Cat man lol He brought a cat into our home that was one stub born cat!!! boy did she not like me!! after alot of persuasion on my part we decided to give her to a friend where we thought she would be more happy. well low and behold a bout 1 week later I was out on the play ground of the day care center I worked at and I found a feral mom and her 5 kittens. I went home that nite and told my hubby about mom and her kittens. He decided that if the kittens were old enough he was going to try and catch Mom and the kittens to bring to our house so they could be a little more safer, and we could find some nice homes for all of them Mom included!! well the day we went to go about catching all of them I think mom was reading out minds. so she moved the whole clan but much to my surprise she moved them all to seperate locations!!! She lead us to one kitten. We caught her and started looking for the others but after over an hour of searching we couldn't find any others. so we decided to take the one we had home and start working with it. upon getting the kitten home we discovered a very scared and shy little tortie Girl. We did all we could to get her comfortable with being around humans. And because of all the loving care that I had put into her I couldn't let someone else reap the rewards hehe. So we ended up keeping her. and as you can guess her name is Willow. and BOY is she a MAMA's girl!!!!! I always knew that cats were one person animals but I also thought that they were independent ones! Not my Willow!!!!! if she's not by my side she's not a happy girl!!! she loves to sleep with me and if I get up to go to a different room she's right behind me!!!

I am very thankful for my Cat loving Hubby!! otherwise I wouldn't have ever taken the step of trying to help those little kittens and I would have never gotten the second best love of my life ( gotta put hubby ahead of her lol )

I just thought that I would share my story about my cute lil girl!! and as soon as I get some good pics of her I will post them all so you can see just how cute my special lil girl is!!!!
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Welcome to the site! I'm from a similar situation, I grew up with dogs and married a cat-lovin' man too. Now I can't even imagine life without cats.

Hey, we're from the same neck of the woods, too! I live in Lakewood, CO. How are you and the kitties dealing with this heat we've been having? I've noticed that even with the AC running constantly, the cats are still pretty lethargic and we don't see much of them until after dark.

Have fun on the boards! If you're here long enough, you may even become more of a cat expert than your hubby!
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WELCOME Can't wait to see pics of you new baby. You will get addicted to this board.
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Welcome to the board. I have a furbaby called Willow too. I hope yours is as wonderful as mine. She sounds it.
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Welcome! Im a new cat owner too I just adopted my 2 cats last night. I grew up in a predominantly dog home too, so its a foreign thing to have cats. Im already in love with them though
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Awww, Willow sounds like a sweetie! I'd love to see pictures if you can post some!
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Welcome to TCS!! Can't wait to see pics!
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My cats arent one cat people they love everybody and they act more like dogs. most of them come when called!

I would love to see pics of your little kitty!
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Welcome to you and to Willow!

Tortie girls are so pretty!
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Welcome to the boards
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WOW What a welcome!!!! I didn't think that there we're so many people on here! but I am glad to know that I am in Good Company!

I just had the scare of my life today! I thought I had lost my baby!!! woke up this morning to hearing my Nephews screaming her name.......she had gotten out some how during the nite while we were all asleep! I jumped out of bed and started searching for her! I saw no sign of her anywhere!!!! so I posted signs in all the stores in the area and even went door to door and left signs. but nothing turned up so then I called the local shelters and left reports with them! then 5 mins before I had to be at work my sister in law called and said she found my baby!!! the whole day she was hiding under a Desser in the garage!!! so all in all


Willow,s Mom
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Whew! I'm so glad you found your baby! Those little ones can give us scares like nothing else in the world.
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Hello and Welcome!

I'm glad that you found your baby girl, Willow and such a beautiful name. I'm a newbie myself mother to Aragorn and Legolas, both male and DSH. I've only had a cat before and this is my first experience with kittens.

I've had nothing but dogs until I saved my first cat. Now, with my 2 boys I couldn't imagine life without a cat or a kitten.

Have fun in all of the forums!

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You didn't mention if your baby was fixed or not...if not please take the time to make an appointment soon. This is the leading cause of cats getting lost or hurt. They can get really sneaky and shoot out the door before you know it. There are many illnesses they can develoupe if left "whole" as well. If she has been fixed ignore everything I posted!

I really love the name Willow!
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welcome,now you won't be able to leave!
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well as for her being she's not. but I visited the post on low cost spaying. and started reciving information on that due to the fact that my hubby lost his job back in Jan and also lost mine at the same time but just started a new job last month. So hopfully we will beable to get some help with Spaying her. I never thought it would be that big of a problem until I started reading information at all the shelters saying that they like to run away when they want some lol so I decided that I am going to try and get her fixed FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I am also going to get her microchiped since one shelter offers it for 20 bucks. I think it's a pretty cheap investment for such a precious thing
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Welcome Willow & Mom

I'm chatting with you now and getting to know you a bit better!

Have Fun!
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