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I am new to the group. I have been reading the post for a while and have found this to be a wonderful group so I joined today. My little family consist of me and my two cats Cleo(patra) who is almost 2 yrs. old and my new kitten Isis who is 10 wks. old. :egypt: They are both just regular old cats. American short hairs I think is what you call them.

I got Cleo because I was lonely and got Isis because Cleo was lonely. Both came from friends cleo was born in the city and Isis was born on a farm. We all live in an apartment and love each other very much. I will have to take some pictures of Cleo and Isis before she grows up and post them. I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself.

Have a good weekend eveyone. :flash:
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Dear Babygay1974; Come on in and get a cup of coffee (don't forget to tell us how you take it-see thread by blue)
We are ever so glad you have joined us!!!!! Please post long and frequently. Can't wait to see pics of Cleo and Isis!! I love Egyptian History. I know they are both treated like "Queens" at your apartment.

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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This is a wonderful site of cat lovers who are also great friends. They're also one of the least judgmental cat groups on the Internet. We're glad you found us! Hope you come by often!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm pleased to meet you and your friends Cleopatra and Isis!

I, too, appreciate your interest in the history of ancient Egypt. One of my dearest feline friends was named Sesheta, after the ancient-Egyptian goddess of books and writing!

By all means, post photographs of your buddies!


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Welcome - I can't wait to see pics of your babies -
You will enjoy it here!
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Welcome I look forward to hearing more about your babies and seeing pictures too!

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Hi and welcome. Glad you are here with us. This is a great site. You will enjoy it. The people are really nice and very helpfull.
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Glad you decided to join and say hi. Those are 2 great names. You were close, an American shorthair is an actual breed of cat, mixed cats are domestic short or longhairs
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Welcome to our little (well, maybe not so little ) family! I'm sure you'll like it here and can't wait to see pics of your babies!
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Welcome to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you have joined us!!!! I can't wait to hear more about your cats...and I too Love the names...Cleopatra and Isis...I may have to steal those names the next time I have kittens!
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